AMFD AMCS 2019 Christmas Potluck Dinner

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Cleaner Required


We are looking for a cleaner for our house on Anarchist.  The home is an AirBnB which is busy during the summer and quiet most of the rest of the year.  Our current cleaner is no longer able to continue with the cleaning and we are hoping someone local might be interested in some part time work.

Typically guests stay between 3 and 7 days.  Guests are responsible to leave the house tidy but some additional cleaning is needed.  This usually involves vacuuming the house, wiping down counters and tables, washing and changing bed linens (huge washer and dryer on site), ensuring the fridge is tidy and generally ensuring the home is tidy and inviting.

We charge our guests a $100 service charge for cleaning which goes to our cleaner.  The cleaning, I believe, takes between two to four hours depending on how many guests were in the home and how well they tidy up after themselves.

If interested, or if you know someone who might be interested, please contact me at (604)-626-7272 or via email at

Thank you!

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Tussock Moth Spraying by Cody Tree Services

After speaking to Cody Tree Services regarding spraying for the Tussock Moths, here is the information they provided

Spraying is done from the ground and from a bucket truck. The reach of the bucket truck is 65′ Vertically and 20′ horizontally. From the ground, they can spray 20′ in any direction. They are using bt as the agent to kill the larvae and spraying should be done 10 days after the larvae have hatched. All quotes already provided will be fulfilled in the spring once they have been contacted about the hatching.

We have had a few people provide us with the quotes they have been given by Cody Tree Services and they are listed below for your general information

Quote 1- Spray the Fir trees on the property for Tussock Moth close to the driveway (approx. 75′) and within the reach of the delivery system of the spray truck and close to the home site – $1,051.85 (includes GST and Fuel Surcharge)

Quote 2 – Spray the Fir trees on the property for Tussock Moth close to the driveway (approx. 550′) and within the reach of the delivery system of the spray truck and close to the home site. Bucket truck required for trees along driveway to reach the top of the trees. – $1,160.85 (includes GST and Fuel Surcharge)

We have contacted OMEI to see what their plans are regarding spraying their properties, and this is the reply we received.

We are considering the merits of spraying part of our lands. We expect to make a decision early in the New Year and we will let you know of our decision.

Best regards,

Ron Palmer

Managing Partner

Osoyoos Mountain Estates Inc.

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Tussock Moth Information

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Curbside Garbage Collection

This is the Curbside Collection schedule for RDOS Area “A” which includes the Anarchist Mountain.

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Tiger Moon & Kentucky Eileen in Concert

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BUDDY DRIVE!! Help put a smile on a child’s face.

Hello Everyone
Once again I am doing a buddy drive to give buddies to children this Christmas who are linked with Desert Sun Counciling in Oliver. Desert Sun does great work with children and families and I would like to be able to give as many children as possible a gift of a buddy this Christmas.
Let me know if you would like to purchase a Buddy for a child. You can message me, email: or call 250-495-4498. Prices are listed below. (see attached for pics)

Hamish the Highland cow $40
Lenny the Lamb $33
Luke the Lab $46
Mickey & Minnie Mouse $53
All other Disney Buddies $46

Any support you can give will be greatly appreciated.

Deadline November 12th



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SeaCan Wanted

The AMFD is in need of a used 20’ shipping container to secure the AMFD fuel tank from fuel thieves. Any resident with one for sale at an affordable price; or knows where one is available; please contact Urs Grob at 778-739-0123.

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Wildfire Gypsies Free Concert

Hi to all at Anarchist Mountain Community Society.

Wildfire Gypsies are back in Osoyoos for winter and we have a free show Saturday October 26th at Jo Jo’s cafe in Osoyoos. Showcasing new material as we move from folk to more bluegrass & uptempo material. Lots of new originals which we arevrecordingbiver the winter:) Look forward to seeing you there! This is a small venue with seating limited so please arrive by 6:45 to assure a seat.


Terry & Shannon – Wildfire Gypsies

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Calling all Artists

Applications to be sent to the gallery: or bring them to the gallery in person.

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