Call For Further Action On Two-Tier Rates

The BC Utilities Commission (BCUC) is “consulting” with you once again.  This time they want your comments on the two reports by BC Hydro and Fortis.  If you want to read them, you can go to BCUC’s website (, “current proceedings”, “BCUC RIB Rate Report”, “Hearing and Other Documents”).  Fortis’ report has some useful information buried in it but they just end up making a bunch of vague statements that avoid answering the Minister’s questions.  BC Hydro’s report is one big cover-up.  BC Hydro insinuates that there are no adverse impacts with statements such as “BC Hydro does not find a cross-subsidy” and “BC Hydro does not find any evidence of high bill impacts on low income customers”.  But the reason, of course, that they haven’t found any evidence is because they don’t want to — the analysis they present is completely biased and often isn’t even pertinent to the questions being asked.

My suggestion to you is to write in to the BCUC with something like the following statement: “BC Hydro’s and FortisBC’s reports are biased and are an attempt to cover up the truth about the adverse impacts of the two-tier rates.  Neither report directly answers the questions posed by the Minister.  BC Hydro’s conclusion that there is “no evidence” of cross-subsidization nor high bill impacts is unsupported by any analysis and, in fact, is directly contradicted by the many letters of comment that have been submitted to these proceedings.  Both reports are unacceptable as a response to the Minister.  Nick Marty is an outside expert on these matters and he has sent you a clear and concise report that honestly appraises the impacts of two-tier rates on customers like us.  I strongly submit that Nick Marty’s report should be the basis of your response to the Minister.”  You’re welcome to play around with the wording but it’s important that you include the sections that I underlined.

You can find my report at rib-analysis The deadline for letters of comment is November 24th.  This time, the number of respondents really matters and it is open to everyone (not just those without access to natural gas).  So, encourage all of your friends and neighbours to write in.  For those of you who haven’t written in before, here are some instructions.

Emails are to be sent to:

Comments are to be submitted using their letter of comment form available in PDF and Word here:  letter-of-comment-pdf       letter-of-comment-word

The form asks for:
Proceeding name: BCUC RIB Rate Report

Are you currently registered as an intervener or interested party: No (unless you are registered)

Name, City, Province, Email Address, Phone, Date & Comments

Many people have had problems with the PDF form so use the Word form if you can.  The PDF version has a “submit by email” box but don’t click on it because it rarely works.  It’s best to save these documents and then attach them to an email sent to the commission.  If you can’t use either letter of comment form, then just send the commission an email with your comments and the information requested above and state upfront that you couldn’t use their two forms.

You can later go to their website (same location as where the utility reports are located) and you should find your letter posted under ” E Exhibits”.  They will redact the personal info contained in the letters (such as your email address etc) so you do not have to be concerned about such information becoming public.

When you send in your emails, I suggest you bcc your MLA plus the following:

In order that your email can be easily read by those that you are bcc ing, I recommend that you repeat those comments about the utility reports being unacceptable etc, in the body of the email in addition to having them in the attached letter of comment (which those that you are bcc ing may not open and read).

Nick Marty

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Free Sofa

We have a sofa free for the taking.


Please call: Gerrit or Wia 250-495-2781

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OSS Fundraiser for Drama Club

Please click on this link to register to shop:


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Thanks to all who helped clean the Summit at the Work Party yesterday!

Despite the gloomy day, we had a great turnout once again and the inside and outside of the Summit Center should be in good shape for the winter.

Participants: Irwin Berg, Manon Langlois, Zvonko Milanovic, Candy Anders, John Anders, Stefan Beckmann, Ard de Goede, Sandra Newfield, Walter Zinowki and Patti Brazeau.



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For Sale: Firewood & Tarps

4 1/2 cords of split and dried firewood.  Mixture of pine and fir.  $400.00

12 – 12×20 insulated tarps  –  $35.00 each or all 12 for $400.00.

Call Tim and Linda  250-495-9495

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October 2016 – RDOS Regional Connections

Please click on the link below to view the October issue of the RDOS Regional Connections newsletter:


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Cheque Presentation: Silent Auction/BBQ to the Fire Department

The 2016 BBQ and Silent Auction raised a whopping $5,200 for Anarchist Mountain Fire Department.  The cheque was presented on September 26 by the volunteers.  Missing from the photo are:

  • Wayne Kelley
  • Giselle LeClaire
  • Richard Douziech
  • John Anders


Click HERE to view the long list of generous silent auction donors.

Browse below to see some photos of the fun event.  Photos courtesy of Gail Harrison.

thumb_img_0575_1024 thumb_img_0576_1024 thumb_img_0577_1024 thumb_img_0580_1024 thumb_img_0582_1024 thumb_img_0583_1024 thumb_img_0585_1024 thumb_img_0586_1024 thumb_img_0589_1024 thumb_img_0592_1024 thumb_img_0594_1024 thumb_img_0597_1024 thumb_img_0600_1024 thumb_img_0603_1024 thumb_img_0604_1024 thumb_img_0606_1024 thumb_img_0607_1024 thumb_img_0608_1024 thumb_img_0609_1024 thumb_img_0611_1024 thumb_img_0614_1024 thumb_img_0569_1024 thumb_img_0568_1024 thumb_img_0570_1024 thumb_img_0571_1024 thumb_img_0573_1024

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Work Party – Sat Oct 8 – Summit Centre

One Last Cleanup

Dear residents of Anarchist & Sidley Mtn

As autumn progresses and we think about the snow that is soon to fall, we’d like to ask for your assistance one more time.

On Saturday, October 8 from 9:30 AM -11:00 AM; we’d like to have one more clean-up event at the Summit Centre.  We’ll weed whack some grass, blow or rake the needles in into piles and remove them and generally tidy up in anticipation for the winter months ahead. We promise to have you out of there in 90 minutes.

If you can bring rakes, weed trimmers, blowers, wheel barrows etc. that will help a lot.  See you then.

Walter Zinowki

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Home Found: Hibiscus Plant

This plant has found a home!

Our Hibiscus has grown too big for our living room.

Would anybody have a place for the giant?

Hibiscus can spend the summer months outside but need a warm place during winter.

It has only one flower at the moment, but it blooms all year!

Thank you

Margrit Johnson

250 495 0612


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Yard Refuse Disposal this Saturday at the Wapiti Pit

Yard Refuse Disposal  2016 – OMEI Wapiti Pit 

The Wapiti pit will be open this Saturday, September 24th from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm. The site will be used to dispose of yard materials to Aid in FireSmarting your property. Examples of materials accepted are:

  • Grass, leaves, needles etc.
  • Brush, branches etc.

Please Note:

  • Items being brought in bags, boxes, etc. are to be emptied and the containers taken away.
  • NO construction debris is to be brought in.
  • Any abuse of the site will result in its immediate closure.

A member of AMCS/FireSmart committee will open and close the site and also monitor the origin and material coming into the site.

The site is located in Wapiti.  Turn onto Wapiti and take the first road to the right.

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