Three Bookcases, Desk & Chair for Sale

Contact (403) 561-4679 (located on Anarchist Mountain)

Ikea Bookcase like new $75.00
80 inches high 24 inches wide 12 inches deep
White Bookcase like new $75.00
62 inches high 24 inches wide and 12 inches deep

Contact (403) 561-4679 (located on Anarchist Mountain)

Desk -97 long 76 wide and 33 deep includes set of drawers lamp and chair $300.00
Corner book case $50.00. 76 inches high 20 inches deep 20 inches wide.
Wardrobe 73 high 2 feet wide 17 inches deep 100.00

Contact (403) 561-4679 (located on Anarchist Mountain)

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The Art Gallery Osoyoos – Meet the Winner!

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Animal Lifeline Emergency Response Team (ALERT) – Fostering Opportunities

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The BC Assessment Act Information

If interested, Links are available below to check your property report:

The Assessment Act and associated regulations permit BC Assessment to provide a street front image for each property.”

It has been brought to our (AMCS’s) attention that not all photos are STREET FRONT photos. At the very least, any photos should be current.

If you would like to have the photo removed, it is possible.  This is the link for reference:

Info contributed by AMCS member Hilda Reimer

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New Show at The Art Gallery Osoyoos Jan. 15 – Feb. 5, 2022

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IN THE NEWS – Anarchist Mountain Jamie Soule Memorial Park Project

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Anarchist Mountain Bear Group – 2021 in Review

2021 in Review

The Anarchist Mountain Bear Group has had a busy year with bears out early
in Spring and later in the Fall.
Since the Group’s inception in June of 2020, there have been many strides
made within the community. Residents have a greater understanding of
bear/ wildlife attractants, especially when it comes to garbage being left out
and not secured.
Several Anarchist Mountain residents purchased Bear Resistant Carts in a
2020 community group order. These carts were put to the test, especially in
May when bears attempted to breach the carts on five occasions. The
bear(s) were successful twice, so residents were reminded to secure (clip)
carts if left outside and more importantly, minimize odours by spraying
garbage and recycling with a bleach/water solution, plus the need to keep
carts clean.
Even if you don’t have a bear resistant cart, you can still help keep bears out
of your garbage by:
• Placing garbage and recycling out the morning of collection
• Keep odours at bay by keeping strong smelling foods frozen until put
in garbage for collection day
• Always spray garbage and recycling with a mild bleach/water solution
when it is outdoors and not secured.
Garbage at the Brake Check and Rest Stop on Hwy.3 have been problematic
due to overflow and broken garbage receptacles. Contact was made with the
Area Manager for the South Okanagan – Okanagan Shuswap District Ministry
of Transportation and Infrastructure to discuss a need for replacements. We
were elated to hear that as of this month (December) new bins were
installed and are fully bear-proof. Also, the highway maintenance company
will be monitoring garbage more closely and increasing frequency of
collection if need be.
It is an important reminder to residents that these highway garbage
receptacles are NOT intended for our regular use.
This contributes to the overflow and garbage problems that encourage bears
and other wildlife to get food conditioned to non-natural food sources.
In May, 100 WildSafe BC brochures on bears were taken by residents which
were placed in AMCS info boxes at community mailbox locations.
In July, there was a “Living on the Land – Bear Awareness Workshop” held
and over 30 residents attended which included presentations and
demonstrations with the RDOS WildSafe BC Coordinator and local
Conservation Officer attending.
Funding ($500) was provided by a grant from the South OkanaganSimilkameen Community Foundation which helped cover some costs for the
Workshop. The funding also allowed the purchase of permanent brochure
boxes for WildSafe BC info; “Bears in Area” signs which will be posted in
areas when bears are active, branded t-shirts for group members.
A community group bear spray and holster order were also made, following
a bear spray demonstration at the July Workshop. Eskala Sports in
Penticton managed this order and gave residents a 10% discount.
The Anarchist Mountain Bear Group has a dedicated Facebook page, and the
number of followers has increased since inception in June 2020. Key posts
are also shared with another community page “Anarchist Mt/Sidley Mt
Residents”. Residents posted photos, videos, asked questions, etc. which
promoted community awareness and knowledge. As of December, we are
reaching over 200 residents per Facebook post which is an approximate 50%
increase from last year.
Three “Information Bulletins” were distributed via Facebook and uploaded to
the Anarchist Mountain Community Society web page. These bulletins
provided current info to residents about bear activity, attractants and
upcoming education events.
Since the Bear Group has begun, we have noticed a large decline in garbage
being left out and greater community awareness in this regard. Bird feeders
tend to be more of an issue, especially late into this past November and
early December, which bears were still getting into.
Committee Members
Many thanks to the hours that our Bear Group members have volunteered:
Brenda Arychuk and Debbie Dundass (Co-Chairs), Reg Forster, Suzy
Williamson and Teresa Marty. With Suzy and Teresa stepping down, we
welcome new residents and members: Della Modin, Kyle Traynor and Bonnie
The Anarchist Mountain Bear Group wishes to acknowledge the following for
their support:
• South Okanagan-Similkameen Community Foundation for the $500.00
• Anarchist Mountain Fire Department for the usage of the building for
the Living on the Land Workshop, as well, the permission to have the
information mailboxes permanently installed
• RDOS WildSafe BC Coordinator, Shelly Fiorito, for assistance and
support in community education and resources
• The BC Conservation Officer Service, specifically Sgt. James Zucchelli
and Cst. Clayton Bruin for their support and community education
• Anarchist Mountain Community Society for posting our Information
Bulletins on their web page
• To our fellow neighbours for changing habits, taking in bird feeders,
and educating themselves on how to coexist with our black bears
The Anarchist Mountain Bear Group was pleased to be recognized in
provincially by the WildSafeBC “Saturday Spotlight” showcase in 2020. We
believe that every community has the potential to work collaboratively so
that humans and animals may coexist in a safe and respectful manner.
Many thanks to everyone on the Mountain for doing their part so that we can
continue to enjoy living in harmony with nature as we found it.

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AMCS Looking for New Board Directors for 2022

AMCS is looking for Directors for 2022! Interested in your community? There are many established members and new members on the mountain. Share your perspectives and insights and add value to your AMCS Board of Directors by volunteering to be an AMCS director for 2022.

AMCS Board Members (Directors) need to be nominated & voted on each year.

Director Positions available each year are:

President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer/Membership Chair, Director 1 & Director 2. We require a minimum of 6 board members.

Contact Kathleen Lausman: or Jamie Wright:

Not an AMCS member yet? Join today & have a vote! Click link below:

JOIN AMCS | Anarchist Mountain Community Society

Become an AMCS member and add strength to our community through social events, information workshops, connection with neighbours and friendly faces to share your expertise, experience and skills. Family Membership cost is only $30/yr.

silhouette photography of group of people jumping during golden time

“Love the moment, and the energy of that moment will spread beyond all boundaries.”

Corita Kent, b. 1918 American graphic artist

AMCS Board of Directors.

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The Christmas Kettle Campaign

Hello neighbours,

A few Anarchist folks are supporting the Salvation Army by volunteering for the Christmas Kettle Campaign. We will be in front of the Home Hardware collecting donations on December 3, 4, 17 & 18.  Drop by, say hi and leave a donation!  Plus, we have a few shifts left. If you are interested in assisting, please let me know.

Here’s a bit of information on the Salvation Army: 

– The Christmas Kettle Campaign is an annual fundraising effort found in over 2000 communities across Canada. Monies raised, together with other funds, provide hands-on service to over 1.9 million people each year in Canada.  
– The Salvation Army provides emergency services (food, shelter, clothing and emotional support). They were (and I believe still are) active in BC doing flood relief.  They also provide long-term services to support vulnerable populations. Such services include housing, employment training and emotional support. All this is done with low administrative expenses.

– As reported in Macleans in 2019, in an analysis of 700 charitable organizations in Canada, the Salvation Army was in the top 10% of those organizations.

Please let me know if you are interested in volunteering for the Christmas Kettle campaign.

Patricia Edney


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AMCS AGM AGENDA for Tonight, Tues.Nov.23,2021@7pm

2021 AMCS Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Tuesday, November 23, 2021 7:00 pm

Virtual via Zoom

Kathleen Lausman – President, Chair

Attendance number count (25 required for quorum)

Call to order

Review of 2020 AMCS, AGM Minutes for approval

Financial Report:

Financial update – Peter Humphrey Treasurer

Motion to accept

Election of Directors

(Board members need to be nominated and voted on each year)

Current Directors:

Kathleen Lausman, Jamie Wright, Giselle LeClair (standing down), Jim Gray (standing down – other commitments), Peter Humphrey (standing down – other commitments), Selena Cole (standing down – other commitments), Teressa Salamone (resigned mid-year due to other commitments)

New residents volunteering to be Directors for 2022:

Any additional volunteers?:

Vote to carry

(Board executive to be elected at first Board meeting in 2022)

Committee & Activities Reports:

  • Fire Smart:  Alex Giovannelli
  • Jamie Soule Memorial Park: Wendy Shaw
  • ENCom: Wendy Barlow

The beginning analysis of the survey has just been completed and the ENCom team will now review and discuss with the Fire Chief who commissioned the survey. 
Once we complete these discussions, we will publish the survey results on the AMFD website.  

  • AMCS sponsored AMFD appreciation event (Chees property): Jamie Wright
  • AMFD/AMCS Virtual Silent Auction:  
  • AMCS Website & FB Page: Jamie Wright
  • Anarchist Mountain Bear Aware Committee: Brenda Arychuk

For a brief synopsis – residents deserve a big pat on the back for being proactive and by improving leaps and bounds in one year. There is much more awareness and a desire for education.  There was one education event in July, which was well-received.  
The Bear Group does a more comprehensive year end report which we share with RDOS next month.  At that time, we will also share this via AMCS for the website.

  • AM Community Wildfire Protection Committee: Urs Grob? (or Kathleen)
  • AMFD Fire Chief Report: Urs Grob
  • Area A – APC Report: (in recognition of Jim Thornton, our latest rep who passed away this past summer)

Director – Mark Pendergraft has asked the AMCS to recommend a rep from AM. This is a brief overview of the responsibilities of the APC rep:

Hi Kathleen

I thought I would give you a bit of information on the expectations of anyone sitting on the APC.

Meetings are only held on an as needed basis, so only when there is an application to be reviewed by the APC. Meetings are normally held the 2nd Monday of the month at 7 pm. For the last while with Covid, the meetings have been on line but normally are at the Sonora community center in town. I have tried to maintain a rep from each of the communities within Area A but as you are aware, at the moment I am missing a rep from the Anarchist. The APC for the most part reviews land use applications from all of Area A. So very often the application may not affect the community the APC member represents. However I find it very helpful to hear the opinions of all the APC members, often those not directly affected give the most unbiased opinion.  There is no expectation for this person to seek community feed back but often once people know who the APC members are they will get community feedback. When this happens I encourage all APC members to let people know that if they have a concern about a particular application it is best to contact me as their elected rep, It is my job to listen to and carry forward community members concerns about applications and other issues not the APC members. The APC member is a volunteer and all I ask of them is to committee the time needed and give me their honest opinion. The APC considers applications and makes recommendation to the RDOS Board on that application. The committee often hears a brief presentation from the applicant and RDOS staff and have an opportunity to ask questions. A motion is made and voted on by the committee and the minutes are submitted to the RDOS to later be received by the Board. I attend the APC meetings but do not vote, I am there to hear the discussion. I find the discussion the most useful part as it often gives me another angle to consider as well as gives me a quick snapshot of what the residents of Area A might think about a particular application.  The APC recommendation is then considered along with staff and other professionals recommendations by me, and I then decide to either ask the Board to move the application forward or deny it. The APC would also get to review most bylaws that are proposed by either Staff or another Board member that would apply to area A.  On average I would say that the APC meets maybe 5 times a year and the meetings are generally over in under 2 hours.

If this generates any questions feel free to ask.


  • OMEI (Osoyoos Mountain Estates Inc.): contacts have changed – no update

AMCS Membership Benefits:

  • Membership strengthens our community through social events, communication within the community and a voice outside our community on issues important to property owners;
  • Website communications function (upgrades & maintenance including Silent Auction software ($1500/yr.)
  • AMCS is an active voice in promoting good governance for AM land owners:
    • more effective consultation on Zoning & Permitting decisions (ESDP etc.);
    • more timely decisions on issues impacting AM land owners (ESDP, Fire Smart etc.)
    • more resources for AM (e.g.: funding for wildfire prevention through the community resiliency fund or other programs, Community Wildfire Protection Plan for AM etc.);   
  • AMCS provides support to other committee work (FS, Bear Aware, Silent Auction, Civic Signs, JSM Park)
  • Provides Community Flyer Boxes at post box clusters – to distribute community info

Membership costs for 2021 were set at $30/yr. given the AMCS had no Summit Centre expenses. We are in communication with OMEI to determine the future use of the Summit Centre and if it remains an option for AMCS use again.

(Members vote) Interest in Community Hall on RDOS property;

(Members vote) Interest in permeant washrooms at JSM Park (RDOS Property)

(Member vote) Other interests? – List

Motion to Adjourn

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