Who’s Who in the Wild #10 – Wildlife Collisions

One of the most enjoyable things about living on Anarchist Mountain for many of us is getting to see all kinds of wildlife. Whether its on our properties, in the backcountry or when driving up and down the mountain. 

Did you know that the southern interior has the highest number of wildlife collisions in the entire province and that over 50,000 animals are killed by vehicles every year (wildlifecollisions.ca). A staggering and heartbreaking statistic.

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Who’s Who in the Wild – The Scoop on Poop

Recently, residents in the Anarchist community have expressed concerns about dog feces being left on subdivision roads and in other areas where people, bikes and vehicles can tread through it.

We can probably all agree that inadvertently tracking through a freshly laid pile of dog poop can really ruin a relaxing stroll or bike ride in the neighbourhood or on backcountry trails.

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Who’s Who in the Wild – The Water Beneath Our Feet

By Selena Cole

macro photography of a stainless steel faucet

Many communities in British Columbia are currently under water restrictions because of drought.

Even areas known for coastal rain forests are under the highest water use restriction – Stage 4 – meaning that all outdoor water use (watering lawns, washing cars, filling pools, etc.), including watering food crops on farms, is prohibited.

Most of us on the mountain get our water from wells that draw it from hundreds of feet below ground. This doesn’t mean that this source isn’t impacted by drought or overuse, especially in times of drought.

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