Who’s Who In the Wild – Fall on Anarchist Mountain

deer standing in woods in fall

The tell-tale signs of the changing season have started and will soon be all around us.

It’s a perfect time to slow down and take notice of everything our amazing backyards have to offer at this time of year. Shorter days, longer nights, brighter skies, reds and yellows painted across the landscape.

Wildlife behaviour is changing too. Many species are preparing for migration or hibernation, some are in the process of or getting ready to mate, and most are taking every opportunity to feast on fall’s bounty as they prepare for the winter months ahead.

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Don’t Be a Butthead

By Anarchist Mountain Fire Rescue – Wildlife Safety Program

One careless act can result in a forest fire that destroys wildlife habitat, homes and personal property, and, in the worst case, could take the life of someone we care about.

Cigarette butts are not only a serious fire risk but are one of the most littered man-made products on the planet.

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Risky Activities in Wildfire Season

The recent Eagle Bluff Wildfire, which began in the U.S. in Oroville, Washington, is an example of how quickly a wildfire can ignite and spread in a very short time.

The Anarchist Mountain Fire Department and Anarchist Mountain Fire Rescue Society want to remind us that we must be very cautious as to activities that may start a fire.  Forest fuels are extremely dry and will easily ignite a fire which could rapidly spread and be difficult to contain.

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Market on the Mountain

A big thank you to everyone that came out and supported Market on the Mountain. What an amazing success!

The organizers were keeping an eye out on the weather as we were in and out of thunderstorm warnings all day. The Sun Salutations that Brenda Arychuk’s morning yoga group were doing certainly worked as we were treated to a day of peek-a-boo sun. The skies truly opened up about half an hour after the event wrapped up. AMAZING!

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