Co-existing with wildlife

AMFRS Wildlife Safety Awareness Program

Anarchist Mountain has an abundance of wildlife and amazing outdoor recreational opportunities.  However, when we live and explore in nature, we can never eliminate the risk of human-wildlife conflict.

The Anarchist Mountain Fire Rescue’s Society (AMFRS) has a mandate to promote safety on the mountain.  The Wildlife Safety Awareness Program helps residents through education and creating awareness about how to mitigate risks and safely coexist with the wildlife with which we share our wonderful mountain community.

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Brake for Snakes

Reprinted from Okanagan Similkameen Stewardship | April 14, 2023

Do you know who else is emerging alongside all these spring flowers? Snakes!

Many snakes will be leaving their rocky winter dens and migrating around the valley to their summer habitats right now. This means they will be crossing roads, yards, fields, and driveways so keep an eye out for these helpful pest controllers for the next while, especially while driving. Always brake for snakes!

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