Possession and Acquisition License (PAL) Courses

Hello to Everyone. We would like to know if anyone is interested in obtaining their PAL or getting their CORE (The Conservation and Outdoor Recreation Education Program) otherwise known as the Hunters Safety Course.

The Non- Restricted Firearm PAL course will be held on Jan 18 starting at 8:30am. The Non-Restricted course only takes one day, but you may to have write the test the next day depending on how the course progresses. The Restricted Firearms PAL course will be on Jan 19 starting at 8:30am. We have also set Feb 15 and 16 for the CORE instruction.
In order to secure your spot, there is a $50.00 deposit payable to the Instructor, David Kerr, that can be paid by EFT, or you can call him to pay by credit card. For more information on the courses, please call and speak to the Instructor using the information below. If you are interested in any of these courses, please fill out the form below and include what courses you require.

David Kerr, CD 250- 493-8326



Non-Restricted PAL: $125.00 (8-hrs)
Restricted PAL: $100.00 (4-hrs)
($200.00 combined for both courses)
CORE Hunter Safety: $150.00 12-14 hrs (2 – 7hr days) for students with PAL

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Items for Sale

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The Art Gallery of Osoyoos Presents

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The Okanagan International Chorus Presents…..

Come out one and all to our Christmas Concert (details are on the poster). If you cannot make it on Friday, Dec 6th for the Osoyoos concert we will be in Oroville at the Free Methodist Church at 7:00 pm on Saturday, Dec 7th. We will also be performing at 6:00 pm at the Christmas Light up on Friday, November 29th in front of the Home Hardware.   

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AMFD AMCS 2019 Christmas Potluck Dinner

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Cleaner Required


We are looking for a cleaner for our house on Anarchist.  The home is an AirBnB which is busy during the summer and quiet most of the rest of the year.  Our current cleaner is no longer able to continue with the cleaning and we are hoping someone local might be interested in some part time work.

Typically guests stay between 3 and 7 days.  Guests are responsible to leave the house tidy but some additional cleaning is needed.  This usually involves vacuuming the house, wiping down counters and tables, washing and changing bed linens (huge washer and dryer on site), ensuring the fridge is tidy and generally ensuring the home is tidy and inviting.

We charge our guests a $100 service charge for cleaning which goes to our cleaner.  The cleaning, I believe, takes between two to four hours depending on how many guests were in the home and how well they tidy up after themselves.

If interested, or if you know someone who might be interested, please contact me at (604)-626-7272 or via email at Trent@markcrestfoods.com

Thank you!

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Tussock Moth Spraying by Cody Tree Services

After speaking to Cody Tree Services regarding spraying for the Tussock Moths, here is the information they provided

Spraying is done from the ground and from a bucket truck. The reach of the bucket truck is 65′ Vertically and 20′ horizontally. From the ground, they can spray 20′ in any direction. They are using bt as the agent to kill the larvae and spraying should be done 10 days after the larvae have hatched. All quotes already provided will be fulfilled in the spring once they have been contacted about the hatching.

We have had a few people provide us with the quotes they have been given by Cody Tree Services and they are listed below for your general information

Quote 1- Spray the Fir trees on the property for Tussock Moth close to the driveway (approx. 75′) and within the reach of the delivery system of the spray truck and close to the home site – $1,051.85 (includes GST and Fuel Surcharge)

Quote 2 – Spray the Fir trees on the property for Tussock Moth close to the driveway (approx. 550′) and within the reach of the delivery system of the spray truck and close to the home site. Bucket truck required for trees along driveway to reach the top of the trees. – $1,160.85 (includes GST and Fuel Surcharge)

We have contacted OMEI to see what their plans are regarding spraying their properties, and this is the reply we received.

We are considering the merits of spraying part of our lands. We expect to make a decision early in the New Year and we will let you know of our decision.

Best regards,

Ron Palmer

Managing Partner

Osoyoos Mountain Estates Inc.

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Tussock Moth Information

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Curbside Garbage Collection

This is the Curbside Collection schedule for RDOS Area “A” which includes the Anarchist Mountain.

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Tiger Moon & Kentucky Eileen in Concert

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