The Seven FireSmart Disciplines

Follow the link posted to see how your friends and neighbors (can you spot them in the videos?) are taking part in the local FireSmart program and what you can do to help yourself and the community reduce the impact of wildfires in our area.

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July 20, Yard Refuse Disposal 2019 – OMEI Wapiti Pit

We would like to thank Ron Palmer and Osoyoos Mountain Estates for working with us to find a location to collect yard refuse.

The site is to be used for the disposal of materials to aid in FireSmarting your property.  Examples of materials accepted are:

  • Grass, leaves, needles etc.
  • Brush, branches etc.

Please Note:

  • Items being brought in bags, boxes, etc. are to be emptied and the containers taken away.
  • NO construction debris is to be brought in.
  • Any abuse of the site will result in its immediate closure.

A member of AMCS/FireSmart committee will open and close the site and also monitor the origin and material coming into the site.

The hours of operation are 10:00am to 12:00pm. The site is located on Wapiti.  Turn onto Wapiti and take the first road to the right.

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Fortis Hydro Rates Update

Fortis recently announced that they would be starting the transition from two-tier rates to a flat rate on July 1, 2019.  This is contrary to their proposal in their rate application that specified that they would start phasing out the two-tier rates on January 1, 2019.  I have sent the following complaint to the BCUC (Email: and I encourage you to send a similar complaint if you feel that you are being negatively affected by Fortis’ actions.

Complaint Sent to BCUC

FortisBC recently announced that they had delayed the start of the transition from two-tier rates to a flat rate until July 1, 2019.  In its 2017 Rate Application, FortisBC proposed to start transitioning from two-tier rates to a flat rate on January 1, 2019.  Under this proposal, Fortis was supposed to reduce the Tier 2 rate on January 1, 2019 from 15.617 cents/kWh to 14.915 cents/kWh (Table 6-10: FBC Residential Rate Proposal; p 73, 2017 Cost of Service Analysis and Rate Design Application).  FortisBC maintained that its proposal represented a careful balancing of interests and it was this proposal that was the focus of the BCUC rate proceedings and that the BCUC approved in its final decision.

Like many customers that heat with electricity, much of our Tier 2 consumption occurs in the months of January to March.  By delaying the introduction of the Tier 2 reduction, Fortis wiped out most of the “benefits” that they claimed, during the rate proceedings, customers such as us would receive in 2019 as part of the phase-out.  When we asked Fortis whether we would be credited for the amount that we paid from January 1st to June 30th in excess of the BCUC approved rate, we were told in an email, dated June 28th, that: “There will not be a credit towards your account nor any interest applied as the rate structure is in effect as of JULY 1, 2019”.

We would like to formally register our complaint with the BCUC about FortisBC charging us electricity rates from January 1, 2019 through June 30, 2019 that were above the rates approved by the BCUC in the 2017 FortisBC Rate Application decision.  We request that the BCUC order FortisBC to compensate affected customers accordingly so that their electricity bills for 2019 are those that would have occurred under the rates approved by the BCUC. 

Nick Marty

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Casual Cleaner Required

Cleaning Position Available
Anarchist Mountain Community Society
For the Summit Centre

Wage: $ 50.00 per cleaning
When: Approximately Seven times per year

Job Description:

  • Vaccuum & wash tile floors throughout the building
  • Clean & disinfect two bathrooms
  • Fill toilet paper & paper towel dispensers
  • Clean & disinfect kitchen counters & sinks
  • Dust ceiling beams, light fixtures, shelves and window sills
  • Take away garbage & recyclables

Please submit applications to:

Jamie V Wright

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Silent Auction Raffle

The Silent Auction Team is very excited about the raffle this year!  We started selling the tickets at the Auction and will continue to sell them at other events held on the Mountain.  There are 130 tickets for $20 each and the draw is planned for the Christmas Pot Luck at the Fire Hall; however, if the tickets are sold out earlier, we will review if there is a function where the draw is could be made before the Christmas Potluck.  

If you aren’t necessarily going to be here for the events, you may call Wendy at 250-485-2699 who will be pleased to sell you a ticket!
Let us tell you about the two outstanding packages that will be drawn with the same set of tickets!!

1.  A two night stay in a two-bedroom suite at the Watermark Beach Resort (some restrictions apply) plus a bottle of 2015 White wine courtesy of Bordertown Winery as well as a box of chocolate truffles from the Kettle Candy Store for a total package value of $1030.

2.  A two night stay in the guest house at Tinhorn Creek (or three nights from November 1 thru March 31) plus a bottle of Pipe Dreams Frizzante with a couple of flutes to toast your day.  This package totals $750.

Winners are to ensure they give special thanks to Watermark Beach Resort, Bordertown Winery, Kettle Candy Store, Tinhorn Creek and Pipe Dreams for making this possible.

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NK’MIP Patio Reception

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Art Walk Osoyoos

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Scentsy Invitation

Hello Everyone,

     I would like to invite everyone who is in the area to my Bring Back 
My Bar Party next Saturday July 13th from 1 – 4pm.  Check out attached 
invite for details.  I have also attached a list of the 25 scents that 
will be back just for July and will have them on hand for everyone to 
sniff.  Lots of old faves.  Two of my favorites are Spiced Grapefruit 
and Huckleberry Sage.

     Also check out the Warmer of the Month for July, In Motion. It 
comes with 2 sleeves and has a unique spinning design.  One looks like 
falling rain and one like moving chevrons.  Google Scentsy In Motion 
Warmer and you can see it moving on a youtube video.  The Scent for July 
is Summer Rain, dew sprinkled cyclamen, fresh botanicals and a pinch of 
black lava salt capture the earth-sweet scent of a passing summer 
storm.  It is a wonderful fresh, clean scent.  Both Warmer and Scent are 
on sale at 10% off for July. Warmer is reg. $66 on sale for $59.40.

     Try out the July Whiff Box, $40 valued at approx.  $55 this month.  
that’s a savings of at least $15.



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Summit Centre Cleanup Crew Thank You

Once again our Anarchist Mountain Community came together to clean up and maintain our FireSmarting of The Summit Centre!  This time in preparation for our annual AMFD/AMCS BBQ & Silent Auction being held this Saturday, July 6, 2019 starting at 3:30pm.  

We are so lucky to have so many people willing to drop everything on their own properties and meet up to primp the grounds of our Summit Centre.  We had 23 volunteers show up and we raked, whipper snipped, leaf blowered, wheelbarrowed, and swept for an hour.  After the dust settled, Florian Landry cleaned all the windows.

Thank you to all our volunteers and what a wonderful job you did!

Patricia Edney, Ken Wright, Jamie Wright, Bernie Langlois, Eileen Langlois, Gerry Moran, Mark McKenney, Denis Thomson, Sott Thomson, Chuck Harrison, Wayne Kelley, Chris De Jaham, Dave Sadowick, Aidan Sadowick, Chelsey Gray, Jason Gray, Eden Gray, Trinity Gray, Florian Landry, Jamie Paisley, Mike Arychuk, Dirk Zinner and Jennise Zinner.

Jamie V Wright
President, AMCS

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Anarchist Mountain Musical Jam

Hello Everyone!

  The 30th Anniversary Anarchist Mountain Musical Jam is just a few weeks away.  Bring your friends and visitors to a wonderful concert atop beautiful Anarchist Mountain!

DATE: SATURDAY JULY 20th.  7pm  See below for details………


WHO?  We invite anyone who likes an eclectic mix of music.  Many of our performers have been coming for all the jams, some just a few.  We expect around 10 groups this year.

WHAT?  A chance for you to listen to quality, fun performances by musicians from near and far.  Music can range from blues, roots, old standards, rock & roll, country…no jazz or opera so far!

WHERE?  1400 Kelly Road (Dean & Glenda Corbett’s farm).  The concert seating is on our lawn; some call it the Anarchist Bowl.

WHEN?  Saturday, July 20, 7-?pm  Don’t be late or you’ll miss some of the Entertainers

WHY?  We love to do this and share with all of you!  We hope you’ll enjoy it!

More details:

·         Bring lawn chairs, warm clothes, your favourite beverages, friends and visitors.

·         This is the first time we’ve had to pay for a professional sound set up  in 30 years.  If you wish to leave a small donation, it would be much appreciated, but certainly not mandatory.  

·         Parking is along the driveway or in the yard if you have special needs or lots of musical equipment.

·         If the weather does not cooperate we will set up at the Anarchist Mountain Summit Centre in the Osoyoos Mountain Estates.

                RSVP is not necessary, but if you have questions please call us at 250-446-2420 or by email to or

Glenda & Dean Corbett

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