Neighbourhood Small Grant

Earlier this year we received a Neighbourhood Small Grant to host a block party for the Peregrine, Mule Deer, Falcon and Eagle Place streets. After a lot of planning, delays due to wildfires and smoke, the event was held on September 10th. It was a beautiful day for the Driveway Dinner and the guests arrived for a long table dinner and a chance for everyone to celebrate with members from the Anarchist Mountain Fire Department.

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Don’t Be a Butthead

By Anarchist Mountain Fire Rescue – Wildlife Safety Program

One careless act can result in a forest fire that destroys wildlife habitat, homes and personal property, and, in the worst case, could take the life of someone we care about.

Cigarette butts are not only a serious fire risk but are one of the most littered man-made products on the planet.

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Snakes of the Okanagan Similkameen Workshop

Mother nature cooperated the morning of June 10 and Anarchist Mountain residents were educated on how to minimize the chance of a snake encounter while enjoying the great outdoors and what to do if they should encounter one.

Valerie Maida, from the Okanagan Similkameen Stewardship Society, was knowledgeable and engaging as she discredited some of the myths about snakes and reassured the attendees that snakes are an important part of the ecosystem.  Using enlarged photos, Valerie explained how to identify the common snakes found on the mountain and where they would naturally be found.

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