AMFRS Holds Technical Rescue Training with AMFD

Last week, local firefighters had the opportunity to enhance their expertise in technical rescue skills which was organized by the Anarchist Mountain Fire Rescue Society.

The Anarchist Mountain Fire Rescue Society (AMFRS) is a non-profit, charitable organization that plays a vital role in supporting the Anarchist Mountain Fire Department (AMFD). With a focus on wildfire prevention, technical rescue/ medical first response, emergency preparedness, and resident safety, AMFRS is committed to ensuring the well-being of the Anarchist Mountain community and those that travel through it.

Recently, AMFRS organized a comprehensive training session for local firefighters specializing in technical rescue, covering essential rope rescue skills and motor vehicle extrication techniques.

Enhancing Skills in Technical Rescue

This specialized training is crucial for firefighters who need to handle complex situations involving rope rescue and motor vehicle extrication swiftly and efficiently. By developing their skills in these areas, firefighters can navigate challenging terrains and safely rescue individuals who may find themselves in precarious situations.

Rope Rescue Skills

One aspect of technical rescue training involves honing rope rescue skills. Firefighters are taught various techniques to perform rope rescues at low to high angles, helping individuals who may not easily be accessible by paramedics.

By utilizing specialized equipment and ropes, firefighters can safely ascend or descend down an embankment, for example, and rescue those in need.

Motor Vehicle Extrication: Swiftly Rescuing Accident Victims

Another essential component of technical rescue training is motor vehicle extrication. Often faced with the aftermath of car accidents, firefighters specializing in this area undergo focused training to handle various vehicular extrication scenarios. From using hydraulic tools to cutting through wreckage, these firefighters learn the most effective methods to rescue individuals trapped inside damaged vehicles. Through this training, they enhance their ability to respond swiftly and effectively while working effectively with medical first responders, thereby minimizing the time it takes to extricate accident victims safely.

Fostering Collaboration through Training

AMFRS and AMFD recognize the significance of regular training sessions. By organizing and leading these training programs, AMFRS fosters collaboration among the Anarchist Mountain community’s firefighters, ensuring they are well-prepared to tackle various emergencies. The technical rescue training serves as an opportunity for firefighters to exchange knowledge, share best practices, and enhance their teamwork skills. Through these collaborative efforts, AMFD firefighters are better equipped with a diverse set of skills to respond to any challenge that comes their way.

Not only do our AMFD members spend countless personal hours to attend regular Monday night training, but they also donate their time to do specialized technical training, such as this one, which may take a day or more. Fortunately, we have the help of other volunteers to make sure everyone is fed!

Community Support Makes it Happen

It is through the financial support of community donors, the Annual Silent Auction, and funding grants that allow AMFRS to deliver and support these programs.

During this recent training session, firefighters learned to use the new Capstan Winch, which allows a roadside rope rescue to occur quicker with fewer personnel. This can be a game changer when time is of the essence.

This equipment was made possible through directed community donations.

In 2024, AMFRS funding priorities will focus on hydraulic and battery-operated extrication cutters. Not only will this help cut through heavier gauge steel quicker, but it allows for two vehicle extrications to occur at the same time. This in turn also makes a difference, when every second counts to help save a life.

The ongoing specialized training with local firefighters exemplifies the unwavering commitment to keeping the Anarchist Mountain community safe. The community can rest assured knowing that AMFRS and the AMFD’s skilled firefighters are always there to lend a helping hand.

If you are interested in knowing more about becoming an AMFD firefighter and the training that is involved, please contact AMFD Training.

Want to volunteer with AMFD in other ways? Reach out if you have a skill that you think would help benefit AMFD.

Many thanks to Jay and Amanda Hollerin for their photos.