BCUC Decision on Fortis Rate Application

The BCUC issued its decision on February 25th, without directly notifying interveners https://www.bcuc.com/ApplicationView.aspx?ApplicationId=610

The Panel approved FBC’s Application to switch to a flat rate for residential customers and to phase in the flat rate over a 5-year period, along with the previously approved phase-in of the increased customer charge of $18.70 per month. The Panel rejected FBC’s proposals to revise and re-open the optional residential Time of Use (TOU) rate to all residential customers.

AMCS-RDOS presented evidence during the proceedings that Fortis’ proposal perpetuated for another 5 years a two-tier system that discriminated against customers that used electricity for space and water heating; would result in a further cross-subsidization of customers, from electric heat customers to fossil fuel heating customers, of at least $14 million and would promote inefficient consumption and an increase in air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. The BCUC included some of these concerns in its summary of intervener positions but then ignored them in stating its reasons for decision; neither agreeing with them nor refuting them. The AMCS Board will review the Decision and consider whether or not to follow-up by expressing its objections to the Government.

Peter Humphrey

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