Productive Clean-up at the Summit Centre Last Night

Last night, 16 of us got together to clean up the grounds and interior of the Summit Centre in preparation for Market on the Mountain (Sun. July 3) Click HERE to view details and the Annual Community BBQ & Silent Auction (Sat. July 16) Click HERE to view details

We had a great showing from the AMFD as a Thank You in advance for the fundraising efforts of the community.  There were so many gas-powered machines going, we outperformed the sounds coming from the trucks and Harleys driving by.

A big shout out goes to Chuck for bringing his trailer at the last minute and to Alice for cleaning up inside the centre.  Nice job on the bathrooms, Alice 🙂

Thanks to the following participants and anyone who I may have missed!

  • Alice & Walter
  • Jamie & Ken
  • Urs
  • Alex
  • Garth
  • Wendy
  • Don
  • Chuck
  • Jerry
  • Rudy
  • Tjipke
  • Bernie
  • Denis
  • Brent

Thanks again to all,

Patti Brazeau, Summit Centre Committee Chair