Thanks to Suzy for Yoga, Pilates & another Donation!

This past winter, spring and now summer we have had the good fortune in our community to have Suzy Williamson start up Pilates and Yoga classes. These classes are being held regularly at the Summit Centre, with Suzy,  a certified trainer, leading the classes. In all, between 10 – 20 residents have participated occasionally or regularly, and have mentioned to us that they enjoy the classes, and the benefits of increasing their health and fitness.

The Community Society has also benefited from the Yoga / Pilates classes.  Suzy has been very generous and has donated nearly $300 ($268 to be exact) to the Community Society in appreciation of using the Summit Centre. Thanks Suzy – these kinds of activities make living on Anarchist Mountain all the better.

Suzy is also donating a 10-class pass to the Silent Auction at this year’s summer BBQ. This is a great opportunity for a resident to try out classes this Fall (pass valid for classes Sept to Dec), and also contribute to the Anarchist Mountain Fire Department. Win/Win!

Mark McKenney, President, Anarchist Mountain Community Society