Photos: So Many Fires

Debra & Peter Ceravolo have taken some amazing shots of the fires around us.  

Debra sent me 2 sets of photos:

So Many Fires – 8/15/15

Here are some photos of the fire that was close to us on the US side on August 13th. They got that one under control, gotta love those firefighters. Peter took the photo of the observatory and the sunset. I took the rest.

The first photo is of the Oliver fires on the 14th. Notice the red Osoyoos Lake.

Oliver Fire August 14 fighting_fires too_close_for_comfort fire_sunset_ august_13_2015

Stars & Fires – 8/19/15

More on the fascination with fires. I was enjoying the starry sky last night and noticed the constellation Sagittarius, aka the Teapot tipping over the fires in Washington with Oroville in the foreground. The Milky Way appears to be coming out of the teapot’s spout. It looks like smoke but is actually billions of stars and gases in a spiral arm of our own galaxy.

Also here is a photo of the sun with smoke from the Testalinden Creek fire.

A photo of the same fire during the day (Taken by Peter) and a photo of the Testalinden fire last night with Osoyoos in the foreground.

testalinden_creek_fire_aug_18_11pm tempest_and_the_teapot and milky way fire_sunset_aug_18_2015 testalinden_creek_fire aug_18

Oliver fire aug 15 2015

Here is a sad photo of the Arosa Guest Ranch taken on August 13th.