Community Fire Hall Cleanup

On Monday, Aug 17 about 18 residents and members of the Fire Dept. came out for a 2 hour work party at the Fire Hall. Residents weed whacked and pulled tons of weeds and removed them for disposal. The site looks 100% better than it did before. Preparations were made to remove the derelict car that was used for extrication training. It will require getting a tow truck to finish removing it but that will be underway and it will be gone shortly.

Fire Chief Urs Grob asked me to send out a note to thank:

  • Ken Wright
  • Walter Zinowki
  • Rudy Reimer
  • Ethan Reimer
  • Denis Thomson
  • Don Hayward
  • Robin Arnfield
  • Alice & Jack Newton
  • Gloria Richardson
  • David Strohman
  • Wayne Kelly
  • Daryl Baldock
  • Patricia & Mark McKenney
  • Zach Porturica
  • Erwin Berg
  • Annette & Colin Grob

If we have missed anyone it’s my fault. Thanks to all in our community for your support of your community and the Fire Dept.

Mark McKenney, President, AMCS