Mule Deer Statue Vandalized

Dear neighbours

I’m sad to let you know that somebody has cut off one side of the antlers on the Mule Deer Trail statue. It appears that someone either ground through or hack-sawed the antler then broke it off with a heavy object. The antler is gone.

This is sad, because these beautiful works of art can’t really be replaced, nor likely repaired.

Please keep an eye open and if you see anything suspicious at any of the statues, consider calling the police.

Mark McKenney, President, Anarchist Mountain Community Society

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3 Responses to Mule Deer Statue Vandalized

  1. Margo Strouts says:

    That is so sad that someone would do something like this. I hope they find the perpitrator and charge him.

  2. Teresa Marty says:

    This really is a shame. Don’t know what possesses some people to do these things. Karma will get them.

  3. Kirk says:

    What a shame….we were just up Anarchist ,with our family from Ontario,…….They loved the Statues…..and the views..

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