Missing Dog

Missing Dog since last night about 8:00 pm.  Got into a fight with two Rattle Snakes.  We are sure he was bit.  Did not allow us to get near and kept running away.  When we went to get a treat to entice him to come he vanished.  Last seen in Caribou point.

Reddish brown mixed breed.  Named Darwin.

Bill Seres


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4 Responses to Missing Dog

  1. Laurie says:

    Sorry to hear he is lost. I hope you find him.

  2. I feel so sad for you and him………….I hope you find him and can safe him. Where on Anarchist did this happen?

  3. On an other note………….I put Darwin and your write up on my facebook page, hope this is OK

  4. Greg Anderson says:

    Can I ask about snake siting increases? It seems in my reading that there has been a large increase just over the last year. When I first bought my “regal ridge” property there was no talk and very few sightings. This goes back 6 years now.
    Do you think because of development in the valley they are coming up the mountain?

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