REQUEST: Please remove the rock “Art” on Peregrine Dr.

Over the last few days, someone has been displaying his/her artistic talent and has set stones around some bends on Peregrine Dr.  While these stones are mysterious and intriguing, they are posing a hazard for a Peregrine Dr. resident.

Sue Terada lost her guide dog recently but is continuing to walk daily using a walking stick.  She has been walking in the area for years and is very familiar with the roads and terrain.  Sue walks on the edge of the pavement and, when she hears a vehicle (and believe me, she has GREAT hearing), she moves to her “safety zone”, which is the gravel shoulder. Today, she tripped over one of the stones and almost fell.

So, a message to the artist: 

Please remove the stones on the edge of the road but, if you want to focus your energy on something using stone, feel free to build an Inuksuk somewhere along the way…just not on the gravel shoulder…we would all love it!



P1020138 P1020134