UPDATE: OWNER FOUND: 2 Golden Retriever/Lab Dogs Found!


The dogs’ owner just picked up the pups at Garth & Barbara’s house and they are heading home safe and sound.  The owner just moved into a property near Bobcat and the dogs were disoriented and bolted.

Richard & Garth:  You both did your “good deed for the day”!  Well done!

What a great happy ending 🙂


The dogs got spooked by thunder and left Richard’s place.  Garth found them and he and Barbara are now caring for them at their home.

They are 2 young, healthy Golden Retrievers with no collars.

If they are yours or you know who they belong to, please call

Barbara & Garth @ 250 495-6011


There are two golden retriever/lab type dogs on my door step.  They have been in the yard for a couple of hours.  I am wondering who they belong to.


Mule Deer lot 18

250 408 9130