Suspicious White Truck

A suspicious truck was spotted in a couple of neighbourhoods yesterday.  Note that the license plate seems to be fake, with stickers on the last numbers and the tailgate has been poorly painted with the paint covering the logo.

Here are the 2 reports:

From Hilary Cargill:  On Saturday June 9, 2018 at approx 11:45 am, I followed an older and beat up looking white truck onto Peregrine Drive.  He pulled over when he saw me behind him.  The driver was wearing a baseball hat, had longish brown hair and a beard.   He turned his head away when I drove slowly past.   Please be aware as this could be the vehicle involved in all the recent robberies.

From Sandra Wouters (via Facebook June 9, 1:17 pm):  This truck is parked just past the firehall on Grizzly Pl, report given to the RCMP. Does anyone recognize it? Also, a strange fellow crouching in the brushes behind the firehall!!

If you spot this vehicle, please contact the RCMP.


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3 Responses to Suspicious White Truck

  1. anarchistmcs says:

    I believe I also saw this truck yesterday afternoon driving up Longview Road with a dog hanging out the passenger window. The dog along would be a great reason if stopped …. taking my dog for a good walk up the mountain etc.


    Randy Miller

  2. Lisa Sutherland says:

    Our RV & shed on Bobcat Crt. Were broken into with items stolen sometime in the past couple of days. Did anyone see this vehicle of any other suspicious activity in the area recently?

  3. Lisa Sutherland says:

    For the 2nd day in a row…..we have been broken in to & stolen from!
    Did anyone notice a vehicle in or around the Bobcat mailboxes around 7 this morning???

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