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Volunteering is a great way to meet neighbours, get active and make a difference in our community.  Here are the committees active in 2018:

Board of Directors

Mandate:  Directors sit on this committee. Directors are elected by the Members of the Society, at Annual General Meetings. They sit for one year before seeking re-election. The Board of Directors is the governing committee of the Society. The Board elects the Officers, being President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary of the Society.

Chair: Kathleen Lausman, President president@amcsbc.ca

Members: See https://anarchistmountaincommunitysociety.com/directors-2/

Barbeque & Picnic Committee

Mandate:  Every year on second Saturday of July, residents and everyone interested in Anarchist & Sidley Mountains comes together for an annual summer BBQ and picnic. The event is hosted at this time of year to remind residents of the 2003 wild land fire, which eventually resulted in the creation of the Anarchist Mountain Fire Dept., and certainly brought the importance of “community” to residents of the mountain. The committee works out all the logistics for a great afternoon and evening for BBQ beef, good music & great food supplied by residents and friends of the mountain. There is also a Silent Auction whose proceeds go towards funding the Anarchist Mountain Fire Department (amfd.org)

Members: Various, but thanks go to John Nett, Marianne Arpagaus, Erwin Berg, Don Scott, Joe Cardoso, Art Harfman, Urs & Annette Grob, Gerard Vander Gaag, Teresa & Nick Marty, and many others.

Community Watch Committee

Mandate:  Every community has to take care of itself, and find ways to help neighbours. One way to do this is to have a way that is to have a system of alerting neighbours and law enforcement officials of suspicious activity in the Community. The Community Watch Committee promotes neighbours looking after each other, watching and tending to each other’s homes during absences, and reporting unusual activities to police.  This Committee has also post Community Watch signs through our Community.



Emergency Contact Committee

Mandate:  This is a newly formed committee that is working on a `fan out system `of communications tools to notify Anarchist & Sidley Mountain residents in the event of an emergency. This emergency may be in the form of a fire, flood, mud or snow slide, traffic accident with chemical involvement etc.  The Committee will bring forward methods of contacting residents using the best available means.

Chair: Wendy Barlow

Members:  Sue McEvoy, Carolyne Strohmann, Richard Douziech

FireSmart Committee

Mandate:  This committee was formed in 2013. The purpose of this committee is to inform residents and property owners on the risk of wildfire, and remediation techniques to mitigate the loss of property in the event of such an occurrence. The Committee has worked closely with FireSmart Canada and is continuing its property assessment work to help property owners reduce fire risk.

Chair: Helen Malloy

Members: Walter Zinowki, Alex Giovanelli and Gerry Moran

Summit Centre Committee

Mandate:  Through the generous support of a corporate sponsor (Osoyoos Mountain Estates Inc.) the Community Society is renting the Summit Centre building at Peregrine / Hwy 3. This lovely facility is a focal point for Community Society meetings, activity club meetings, committee meeting, FireSmart meetings and events, lectures and gatherings.  This committee coordinates the maintenance & oversees the facility.  OMEI has generously offered this facility to our community for $1/year plus 50% of the hydro costs.


Members: Walter Zinowki

Lecture Series Committee

Mandate:  For several years the Community Society has hosted interesting lectures and presentation on various topics of common interest. Usually 3 or 4 lectures are held between January & June each year. This committee finds and invites presenters, and informs residents and media of these events.

Chair: Giselle LeClair  secretary@amcsbc.ca

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  1. Robin Cameron says:

    Where abouts on Anarchist ? There are three of us horse ladies here on Ravenhill rd, from Dressage riders to trail riders. Look forward to meeting you.

  2. My husband and I are relocating from Millarville, AB to Osoyoos, possibly to Anarchist Mountain. Could you let me know about the horse community that lives there? I ride Dressage naturally and he is a QH fan and trail rider.

    Thank you,
    Diane and David

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