Jamie Soule Memorial Park

105 Sasquatch Trail

In January of 2019, Jamie Soule, a long time resident of the area passed away. He was a large part of the community and it was felt that a memorial should be built in his honor. Since then, RDOS land zoned for park purposes in our community was upgraded for recreational use and officially named after Jamie in his honor. Since we have lost use of the Summit Center, this park will be used for AMCS events, and also as a memorial for all residents who have lived in the area. As a memorial park, people will be able to make donations towards purchasing items for the park (benches, tables, lights, etc) and these items will be dedicated to those who have passed on. If anyone has any questions or suggestions regarding the park, please contact Kathleen Lausman, president AMCS via email using president@amcsbc.ca

There is a “donate” tab at the bottom of the page for all that would like to donate towards items to increase the usefulness of the park.

If you would like your donation to be specifically designated, please email webmaster@amcsbc.ca with the name of who the money is donated for.

If you prefer, you can mail a cheque to: AMCS with “Jamie Soule Memorial Park” at bottom of the cheque and mail to: 115 Grizzly Rd, Osoyoos BC V0H1V6

JAMIE SOULE – Jan 18, 1948Jan 1 2019

Jamie was always helping friends and neighbours in the community. He was a generous man who regularly plowed snow for several neighbours, helped build a handicap ramp for disabled people in need, was a regular volunteer and builder assisting the Rock Creek Fairgrounds build new grandstands and various projects. He volunteered his time to operate an excavator for the Anarchist Mountain Fire Department (AMFD) Fire Smart program to manage brush debris for supervised burning. Jamie also helped other Fire Department members build a pump house control shed at Sasquatch Pond, to allow rehabilitation of the pond in the park to maintain a reservoir that could be used by the community to help combat a wild land wild fire. Jamie spent countless hours upgrading a variety of projects at our local Fire Hall and was always there to help.

NAGA TERADA July 7 2020

It is with great sadness that we hear of the passing of Naga.  Naga & Sue lived on Anarchist Mountain for many years, and were a vibrant part of our community. They decided to move into Osoyoos a few years ago.   Naga was always an inspiration to those who enjoyed his wit, kindness and sense of community. Naga served as a Director on the Anarchist Mountain Community Society for several years providing his guidance and wise counsel. Naga and Sue were the originators of the Anarchist Mountain Silent Auction, that has become part of our annual Summer BBQ. That effort has allowed our community to raise many thousands of dollars in support of our Fire Dept.   Naga also was an avid lawn bowler, and helped get many new people into that activity.  Naga & Sue were key founders in getting the Market on Main going in downtown Osoyoos, which continues to this day. Naga fell ill last Sunday July 5 and passed away peacefully in Penticton last night. Naga was 92. 

Rest peacefully dear friend. You made our lives that much better by knowing you.


KHALID (ALI) SHAH – Dec 25 1954 – Oct 11 2020

Ali Shah was a new resident on the mountain residing on Mule Deer Drive, who managed to leave a big impression and formed numerous friendships with his open, inquisitive nature. He had frequent “inspections” of the neighbors’ building sites, with an insatiable interest in construction and a need to know all the details. Ali loved Blues & Jazz and enjoyed a couple of musical events with neighbors, looking forward to future concerts. As a serious car enthusiast, he bonded with many over new trucks &
vehicles and had a lot of interesting stories about his own “acquisitions” going back to his University days. Ali would always be seen going for walks which included frequent visit with friends on the street – which often included cappuccinos and his favorite German beer… non- alcoholic of course.
We were all just getting to know Ali. He was always curious, full of questions and wanted good answers. He had a subtle sense of humor and a contagious laugh that we all enjoyed.

Ali will be greatly missed by all of us who knew him on the mountain – he was a true friend.

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