FireSmart is a planning tool designed to reduce the likelihood of large uncontrollable wildfires in forests near communities and infrastructure. It is built on partnerships between government, industry and homeowners.

Anarchist Mountain is considered a high-risk zone for wildfires because of the dryness, the vegetation, the terrain, winds and the susceptibility to dry lightning strikes.  In essence, we live in a fire-based ecological zone which guarantees that wildfires are part of normal life here.

A number of levels of support are available to you as a private homeowner.



Our Anarchist Mountain Fire Department is a well-trained set of volunteers dedicated to respond to emergencies on the Mountain including wildfires, vehicle accidents, medical emergencies, and structure house fires.

You can access information on the Fire Department as follows:


Our community has instigated additional protocols to help us in time of emergencies.  With experienced volunteers who have served in related situations, we have developed what we call the “ENCom” or Emergency Notifications and Communications System.

ENCom’s mission is to help warn residents of Anarchist Mountain to prepare for severe emergency situations such as those requiring evacuation.  Area Leads look out for new community members, but if you have not been approached, please contact Wendy Barlow at to be included.

For further information, check

If you spot a fire


If we experience a large wildfire on the mountain, the BC Wildfire Services will support the AMFD in addressing the situation with trained fire crews.

Information regarding their services is available at:

Important information regarding the current status of wildfires is available at:

To report a wildfire in our area, call 911.  To report a wildfire elsewhere in BC, call 1-800-663-5555 or *5555 on your cell phone.


Residents can refer to both Federal and Provincial -based sources on emergency planning.  Both levels of government encourage having a go/72 hour bag in case you need to evacuate.  This is intended to help you through 3 days following an emergency without outside support.  This is a very important plan for any emergencies you might experience, beyond that of wildfires.

The following websites provide up-to-date information on how to prepare your own emergency plan: you can print these out for your own use:



As a good place to begin, look in the Valuable Resources and Links section below to view the Ready-Set-Go document.

Firesmart Sign 2019


The Anarchist Mountain FireSmart Committee was created in 2013”to help our neighbours in protecting the community from wildfire”.  We are proud of the fact that of the original six communities recognized, we are the only one that has successfully recertified each year since.

People living in forested areas need to be aware of the wildfire threat and ways they can take action to make their home and community become “FireSmart”.


Home Assessments:  We would be happy to provide a free home and property assessment to help you evaluate your personal wildfire risk.  We take about an hour with you, walking around your house and property, to help you view your home in the light of risks from wildfires or embers.  To request a home assessment, please e-mail

Equipment Rentals:  Some specialized equipment is available for rental to help you FireSmart your own property.  A wheeled heavy-duty trimmer, a power lopper, and a manual pole trimmer are available at a small fee to help you with those special projects. For further information, see Equipment Rentals in the FireSmart Resources Section below.

The Wapiti Pit:  We are fortunate in having a special drop-off location for wildfire fuel at the Wapiti Pit on Wapiti Road, thanks to the gracious permission from Osoyoos Mountain Estates.  Drop-offs are generally scheduled between late April and early September, weather permitting.  Information is provided on an ongoing basis through the Anarchist Mountain Community Society website.

Ongoing Programs:  Each year we feature of a Community Wildfire Preparedness Day of Education as well as offering ongoing special events to be notified through the Anarchist Mountain Community Society website.


            Committee Members

            Committee 2021 Goals

            FireSmart Committee Activities by Year

FireSmart Recognition


Helen Malloy – Chairperson

Alex Giovannelli – At Large

Gerry Moran – At Large

Walter Zinowki – At Large

Chris Kayes – At Large

Valuable Links

Go to FireSmart Canada to get more information: 

Online FireSmart Training Course – FireSmart 101
  •  BC Air Quality: Check the Venting Index before you burn Venting Index

         To check current ventilation conditions:

Wildfire Hazard Assessment – Request

The hazard assessment form provides a point rating score for the condition of your home, surrounding structures, adjacent vegetation and other factors affecting the FireSmart status of your property. This will provide the homeowner with an action plan both short and long term to create a sustainable balance in a wildland urban interface setting.

To book an assessment you can contact Walter Zinowki,

Check Out the FireSmarting Rentals

Click to see the equipment available:  Rentals

For more detailed information and documentation on Anarchist Mountain FireSmart, click on a link below:  

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