If you spot a fire

FireSmart Initiative – Anarchist Mountain

The Anarchist Mountain FireSmart Committee was created in 2013 ” to help our neighbours in protecting the community from wildfire”.

People living in forested areas need to be aware of the wildfire threat and ways they can take action to make their home and community become “FireSmart”.

FireSmart Recognition



Denis Thomson – Chairperson

Chuck Harrison – Secretary

Darren Hutchinson – Fire Education Advisor

Richard Douziech – At Large

Walter Zinowki – At Large

Alex Giovannelli – At Large


2017 Goals

  1. Continue managing the yard refuse site.
  2. Complete 100% of assessments for all new homes constructed and move-ins.
  3. Maintain our FireSmart status.
  4. Participate in Wildfire Community Preparedness Day, May 6, 2017.  This is a new initiative being promoted by FireSmart Canada.
  5. Support any outside communities seeking FireSmart knowledge.


Valuable Links



  •  BC Air Quality: Check the Venting Index before you burn Venting Index

         To check current ventilation conditions:


Wildfire Hazard Assessment – Request

The hazard assessment form provides a point rating score for the condition of your home, surrounding structures, adjacent vegetation and other factors affecting the FireSmart status of your property. This will provide the homeowner with an action plan both short and long term to create a sustainable balance in a wildland urban interface setting.

To book an assessment you can contact Walter Zinowki,


Check Out the FireSmarting Rentals

Click to see the equipment available:  Rentals


Yard Refuse Disposal  2017 – OMEI Wapiti Pit 

We would like to thank Ron Palmer and Osoyoos Mountain Estates for working with us to find a location to collect yard refuse.

The site is to be used for the disposal of materials to aid in FireSmarting your property.  Examples of materials accepted are:

  • Grass, leaves, needles etc.
  • Brush, branches etc.

Please Note:

  • Items being brought in bags, boxes, etc. are to be emptied and the containers taken away.
  • NO construction debris is to be brought in.
  • Any abuse of the site will result in its immediate closure.

A member of AMCS/FireSmart committee will open and close the site and also monitor the origin and material coming into the site.

The hours of operation are 10:00am to 12:00pm on the 2016 Saturdays listed below. The site is located in Wapiti.  Turn onto Wapiti and take the first road to the right. 

May 27

June 10

June 24

July 8

July 22

Aug 5

Aug 19

Sept 2

Sept 16

Sept 30


For more detailed information and documentation on Anarchist Mountain FireSmart, click on a link below:  

2018 Activities

2017 Activities

2016 Activities

2015 Activities

2014 Activities

2013 Activities

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