ODC Nature Talks: Bats of the Okanagan

Date(s) - Saturday, September 2, 2023
11:00 am

Osoyoos Desert Centre

“Join Paula Rodriguez de la Vega, Okanagan Region Coordinator of the BC Community Bat Program for an engaging presentation about bats. Test your bat knowledge by playing a mythbusters game. Do bats really fly into your hair? Do we have fruit bats? Are bats flying rodents? The Okanagan has the highest diversity of bats in all of Canada. The hoary bat, pictured here, is the largest bat in BC weighing in up to 38 grams and measuring around 14 cm in length. The white tips on its fur that make it look like it’s covered in frost is where the hoary bat gets its name. Come learn more about these fascinating creatures of the night. For more information on BC Community Bat Program go to www.bcbats.ca.”  Free with admission.  More information here.