With 40 years working in environmental science in the private sector and for government in technical and legal areas, Mark continues on the Board, as our President, and was a founding director of the AMCS. He has led investigations which resulted in companies being required to conduct environmental clean-up projects. Mark also was part of a team of legal & environmental professionals defending the Town of Walkerton Ont. against lawsuits resulting from contaminated drinking water in that community. He and wife Patricia, also an experienced environmental professional, have made their home at Regal Ridge, Anarchist Mountain since 2007. Currently they guide manufacturing companies in recycling and sustainability planning matters.


Jamie & Baby Sam


Jamie moved to Anarchist Mountain in 2015 with her husband Ken after living in Cranbrook, BC for 28 years.  Born, raised and educated in BC and Ontario, she is grateful to live here on the mountain.  Jamie and Ken raised their son, horses and dogs on their five acres in the East Kootenays and outdoor life has always been very important.  Newly retired, working on and enjoying the land has become her focus.

Having worked many years in retail, caregiving, clerical and administrative positions, she brings different experiences and perspectives to the community.





Teresa Marty joined the Board of the Anarchist Mountain Community Society in 2010, and was re-elected to the Board for 2011. She holds the position of Treasurer of the Society.

Teresa comes to Anarchist Mountain from Central Canada having been born and raised in Montreal. Educated as an economist, she moved to Ottawa where she raised a family. Teresa worked for the federal government as an energy policy advisor for 20 years.  On her retirement, she and husband Nick moved to Oliver while their home was being built on Anarchist Mountain.  They moved to the Mountain in June 2008 and are enjoying their beautiful home.

Teresa is very interested in the conservation lands on the Mountain and wants to learn as much as possible about the flora and fauna in the area.  She is a dog lover, an avid hiker and horsewoman and is learning to play the piano.  Adapting to rural life has been an adventure for Teresa after her life in the city and she is grateful to all her friendly and helpful neighbours who are making this endeavour so much fun.



Jim Gray


Born and educated in Ontario, Jim worked as a mining geologist for the first 12 years of his career. In 1997 Jim relocated to BC, with his wife Brenda and two daughters, for a corporate position in Vancouver. Jim and Brenda moved to the mountain in 2012 where Jim continues his profession as a consultant to mining and exploration companies. The Grays have settled into the calm and friendly mountain lifestyle and are thankful to have found this fantastic playground in their little piece of paradise.



Giselle LeClair


My name is Giselle LeClair and I live at 200 Sasquatch Trail.  We moved here in 2015 and have enjoyed the wonderful community that we have become part of here on the mountain. We enjoy the winter snowshoeing with folks on our street, and enjoy the hiking, and the cycling on the mountain as well as the  golfing in town. My background includes 30 years in the field of education and presently I am involved with a few non-profit organization in Osoyoos. I am pleased to be part of the Anarchist Mountain Community board.





John has a long history of community service on Anarchist Mountain. He was the Operations Manager for Regal Ridge the company that built and sold many of the lots currently on the Mountain. Johns knows all the nooks and crannies on Anarchist Mountain, and is a wealth of local knowledge. John is also a qualified heavy equipment mechanic and machine operator. John contributes to the Anarchist Mountain Community by being a former Fire Chief and is now a Captain, and volunteer firefighter with the Anarchist Mountain Fire Department. He is well traveled throughout the world, an avid sportsman and has lived at Arosa Ranch for over ten years. John is a founding Director of the Community Society, having been involved since its start in 2007.


Laurie Cardwell

Alex Giovannelli 

Eileen Langlois


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