JSMP Update – Exciting Developments

Thanks to its designation as a regional park, the Jamie Soule Memorial Park is receiving tremendous support from Area A Director, Mark Pendergraft. The first stage in future development is the installation of a permanent outhouse. Excavation and installation is anticipated to take place next month. We’ll be inviting volunteers to help with swamping (assisting excavator with digging and leveling), tamping, and other general tasks. Stay tuned for more information on dates.

Even more exciting news! Mark Pendergraft has informed the JSMP Working Group that there will be significantly more RDOS funding available for additional infrastructure projects at the park in 2024. Responses gathered from the May 2023 park survey are helping direct decision-making regarding this opportunity.

Risky Activities in Wildfire Season

The recent Eagle Bluff Wildfire, which began in the U.S. in Oroville, Washington, is an example of how quickly a wildfire can ignite and spread in a very short time.

The Anarchist Mountain Fire Department and Anarchist Mountain Fire Rescue Society want to remind us that we must be very cautious as to activities that may start a fire.  Forest fuels are extremely dry and will easily ignite a fire which could rapidly spread and be difficult to contain.

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