Neighbourhood Small Grant

Earlier this year we received a Neighbourhood Small Grant to host a block party for the Peregrine, Mule Deer, Falcon and Eagle Place streets. After a lot of planning, delays due to wildfires and smoke, the event was held on September 10th. It was a beautiful day for the Driveway Dinner and the guests arrived for a long table dinner and a chance for everyone to celebrate with members from the Anarchist Mountain Fire Department.

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Who’s Who in the Wild – The Water Beneath Our Feet

By Selena Cole

macro photography of a stainless steel faucet

Many communities in British Columbia are currently under water restrictions because of drought.

Even areas known for coastal rain forests are under the highest water use restriction – Stage 4 – meaning that all outdoor water use (watering lawns, washing cars, filling pools, etc.), including watering food crops on farms, is prohibited.

Most of us on the mountain get our water from wells that draw it from hundreds of feet below ground. This doesn’t mean that this source isn’t impacted by drought or overuse, especially in times of drought.

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Who’s Who In the Wild – Fall on Anarchist Mountain

deer standing in woods in fall

The tell-tale signs of the changing season have started and will soon be all around us.

It’s a perfect time to slow down and take notice of everything our amazing backyards have to offer at this time of year. Shorter days, longer nights, brighter skies, reds and yellows painted across the landscape.

Wildlife behaviour is changing too. Many species are preparing for migration or hibernation, some are in the process of or getting ready to mate, and most are taking every opportunity to feast on fall’s bounty as they prepare for the winter months ahead.

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