Anarchist Mountain Community Christmas

The Mountain Community is invited to attend the annual party at the Anarchist Mountain Fire Hall on December 17th at 5pm. This catered event is co-hosted by AMCS and AMFD and will be free to residents, but donations are welcomed for the Empty Bowls & Baskets fundraiser by the Desert Sun Counselling & Resource Centre.

The event is open to all ages and we will provide soft drinks, tea, coffee and a spectacular charcuterie table from Queen of the South catering. You can bring your own drinks and glasses if preferred. Come out and mingle with your neighbours!  

A visit is expected from a special guest arriving from the North Pole to surprise the kids in all of us.

Who’s Who in the Wild #9 – Go to Sleep, Go to Sleep…  

You may have noticed less evidence of black bears out and about on the mountain now that late fall is in full swing and the delicious insects, small mammals, berries, grasses and root plants have disappeared or hardened off (gone brown and dormant). After feasting for weeks on calorie-rich foods to gain as much weight as possible, Anarchist’s bears have started to hole up for the cold, snowy winter months ahead. 

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Who’s Who in the Wild #10 – Wildlife Collisions

One of the most enjoyable things about living on Anarchist Mountain for many of us is getting to see all kinds of wildlife. Whether its on our properties, in the backcountry or when driving up and down the mountain. 

Did you know that the southern interior has the highest number of wildlife collisions in the entire province and that over 50,000 animals are killed by vehicles every year ( A staggering and heartbreaking statistic.

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Who’s Who in the Wild – The Scoop on Poop

Recently, residents in the Anarchist community have expressed concerns about dog feces being left on subdivision roads and in other areas where people, bikes and vehicles can tread through it.

We can probably all agree that inadvertently tracking through a freshly laid pile of dog poop can really ruin a relaxing stroll or bike ride in the neighbourhood or on backcountry trails.

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AMCS Annual General Meeting

The AMCS will hold the Annual General Meeting on November 26th at 2pm.  

We are looking for feedback from the membership on the future direction of the Society and will be providing a review of the activities over the past year. The financial update will show that the Society is now in good standing and has cut expenses to result in a surplus. 

Big things have been happening at the Jamie Soule Memorial Park and we will unveil the results and seek your thoughts on what to do next.  

Light refreshments will be served so come out and meet your neighbours at the Anarchist Mountain Fire Hall next Sunday!

Anarchist Mountain Community Christmas

We are excited to announce a change in our upcoming Anarchist Mountain Community Christmas Gathering. After much consideration, we have decided to transition this year from our beloved community potluck to a catered cocktail party. 

Over the years, our community potlucks have been a cherished tradition, bringing us together over delicious homemade dishes, shared stories, and warm camaraderie. We’ve watched our community flourish and expand and our numbers have grown.

In fact, we have outgrown the space that the Firehall provides for a sit down meal in colder weather, hence our need to change things up this year.  

Come and mingle with your neighbours at the firehall and enjoy the amazing food provided by Queen of the South Charcuterie. There will be some seating for those that need it. 

We look forward to seeing you this year at the annual Community Christmas gathering.  All mountain residents are welcome.