AMFRS thanks residents

The WildLIFE Safety Awareness Program, which is under the Anarchist Mountain Fire Rescue Society (AMFRS), is very proud of how this community has come together to minimize risk of negative wildlife encounters. 

This has an overall impact of safety to residents and all who come here to enjoy the area.

With safety being a key mandate and responsibility for AMFRS, we are always looking for opportunities to educate and prevent negative wildlife interactions as much as possible. 

Of note lately, mountain folks are following WildSafe BC and BC Conservation Officer recommendations to put garbage and recycling out just prior to morning collection instead of at night when bears are active.  This is impressive!

Knowing that there are regular sightings of young males as well as Mama Bear and her cubs in search of food throughout the mountain, our collective efforts make a difference.

We are helping wildlife learn to find their food from nature instead of garbage.

Education and signage in key areas have helped, and we applaud you for keeping the mountain a wonderful place to coexist with wildlife.

Many thanks from the Wildlife Safety Awareness Program & Anarchist Mountain Fire Rescue Society.

Submitted by AMFRS