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Are you prepared for winter driving and what to do if you become stranded?

Rapid changes in elevation and weather can make highway conditions in B.C. unpredictable during the winter. Most B.C. highways have high mountain passes where you are likely to encounter winter weather starting in October. You may start a trip in sunshine but face stretches of slush, ice, heavy snowfall, compact snow or avalanches along the way.

It is the responsibility of the operator of any vehicle to understand the conditions on the roads they regularly drive and equip their vehicle for those conditions to ensure their own safety and the safety of others. DriveBC is an excellent source for highway conditions and weather forecasts.

The best way to stay safe under extreme conditions is to avoid driving until the weather improves. If you do drive, make sure your vehicle is winter ready, always carry an emergency kit and have clothing available that is appropriate for the weather.


Be Seen

It is difficult to see other vehicles during dark or foggy, wintry days.

  • Daytime running lights are dimmer than headlights.
  • Taillights do not turn on with your daytime running lights.
    • Make sure to turn your vehicle lights all the way on – headlights and taillights.
  • Taillights are an important part of being seen from behind, especially in winter when days are shorter and rain, fog and grey days are common.
  • The visual cue of the interior dash lights does not always mean your headlights and taillights are on.

Source: Government of BC

Be Prepared

There are many emergency preparedness kits, if you want one ready-to-go. Take advantage of Black Friday sales if you are looking for a kit or supplies to make up your own. Examples

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