AGM 2022

The AMCS Annual General Meeting is soon approaching – Sunday, Dec.4th at AMFD at 115 Grizzly Rd.

Doors open at 1:30pm to register and pay your 2022 dues if you haven’t already done so.

Now that we are past the worst of the pandemic and social isolation, it is time to get back into connecting with each other and having some fun through community events and groups!

It is important that you bring your ideas and suggestions to the AGM so the Board can begin working on the priorities that you want to see.

2023 will prove to be a pivotal year of change and moving forward to what we are known for…neighbours connecting with neighbours. Whether it be helping each other or socializing, Anarchists are known for the warm and welcoming hospitality.

If you are not an AMCS member, you are invited to attend. Only those with a membership may vote, however. All residents are welcome to attend and learn more about the Society.

With so many new people on the Mountain, we hope to see everyone come out and engage. Let’s create a vision together while we mingle and enjoy refreshments!

Note: please go to the AGM 2022 tab for info on the AGM and Board. If you wish to have a copy of the agenda, please print one. Also, check out the questions that we need your input on…. fill it out and bring to the AGM or answer after the meeting.