Anarchist Mountain Community Society

Become a member of AMCS – Membership Sale

The 2022 Annual General Meeting (AGM) is soon approaching on Dec.4th. We want to see you there and have your input and vote. What do you want to see for your community?

In order to vote at this AGM, you are required to hold a membership for 2022. If you haven’t paid your dues for January to December of this year yet, or want to join now before the AGM, there is a special time-limited DISCOUNTED RATE of $15 per family. You can also pay by cash or cheque at the door on Dec.4th, before the meeting begins.

What’s in it for me, you ask? Besides the ability to vote and have some tasty treats at the AGM, membership will definitely offer more privileges coming up in the New Year. Members will be subscribed for regular newsletter updates and specific member-only content on the AMCS website. This is still in the works as we update and make some changes.

Also, in 2023 AMCS will be offering member-only discounts on various items and more! Your input at the AGM will help us navigate this next era of “membership has benefits” and what you want to see!

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