WHAT?! Picnic Tables at Jamie Soule Memorial Park!


Have you been to the JSMP on Sasquatch yet?  Recently? If no, head up to Sasquatch, take the right-hand trail to the right of the mailboxes, and bring a picnic basket to come enjoy the new additions to the park.  Three new picnic tables, each of solid wood construction, have been situated amongst the trees alongside the pond.  

The JSMP is a unique community park where we can celebrate the memories of loved ones amidst the beauty of Anarchist.  A trail system is being developed that leads you on a nature walk through the 6-acre park.  And, of course, there is the beautiful pond. 

A lovely piece of mountain folklore is evolving about this work.  Read on …..

“Once upon a time in the land of Anarchist, in the fall of 2021, 3 Wise men were given the task of building 3 picnic tables for the Jamie Soule Memorial Park.  Ken in his wisdom called for meeting with Steve & Rudy. They went on a field trip to the land past the town of Oliver to the Donut Shrine near the new Wine Village.  There were picnic tables outside for them to gaze upon.  With coffee and treats in hand (our bad we forgot to submit the receipts) they took pictures and measurements. 

With the approval of the Supreme Council, Ken then called the Lords of the woods in the far away village of Rock Creek (The Lindquists, John and sister Tara) to mill some mighty timber.

When they called, Ken and Rudy took the long trek along gravel roads and slipped by various road agents and unknown nefarious clans and brought the logs home to Ken’s house where he hid them under tarps and stored them for the winter.

In the spring of 2022 Ken stripped the bark of the logs and sanded and cut them to size.  He then took upon the task of pre-staining the logs and boards and drilling holes  to make assembly easier. 

At the Park the 3 men cleared and leveled 3 sites for the tables with the aid of Steve’s tractor and the close supervision of Janet McNally and Sammy (Ken & Jamie’s dog) keeping guard and warding off vicious unknown animals.  Of course these sites were once again predetermined by the Supreme Council.  Concrete was mixed and placed.

When the concrete was dried the 3 men heaved and grunted and managed to get the tables on their trucks and delivered them to JSMP where they were assembled  with Sammy’s once again watchful eye. Too cold for Janet. The staining was completed during assembly and after the screw holes were filled with dowels, Ken did a final sanding and staining.

There they wait for all to use and to be amazed.”

A big round of thanks to Ken Wright, Rudy Reimer and Steve McNally for all of your dedication and hard work. Thanks to Wendy Shah who was awarded a Neighbourhood Small Grant to help in the financing of this aspect of the park with the remainder of costs paid for by AMCS.  

The Jamie Soule Memorial Park committee is always looking for new members. Feel free to contact Wendy ( wendy.shah2011@gmail.com ) if you are interested or have a few questions.

Lumber stored successfully over the winter.
Rudy and Ken hard at work.
Rudy, Steve and Ken – the 3 Wise Men.
Lots of measuring
A vision realized.

Peter Humphrey

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