ENPrep Further Explained! It is Emergency Preparedness Week May 1 – May 7. Are you prepared?

Anarchist Mountain Fire Rescue Society

WILL YOU BE NOTIFIED IF THERE IS AN EMERGENCY? Voyent Alert! is a system used by RDOS & RDKB. As a resident, all you do is sign up and you will be notified by telephone, email, text or all three. We HIGHLY recommend you register.👉 Get the Voyent Alert! app👉 For email, text, or phone notifications, register here: https://register.voyent-alert.com👉 More info visit: https://voyent-alert.com/ca/communityVoyent Alert! gives you a choice of notifications to receive – ranging from public hearings, change in garbage collection, to emergency alerts or evacuation notices.

ENPrep (Emergency Notification and Preparedness) also has a separate automated system used by the Anarchist Mountain Fire Department.Why two systems? This is in case AMFD issues an urgent local alert such as a closure of Highway 3 due to a hazardous material spill. ENPrep represents 10 areas on Anarchist Mountain each with one or two Area Leads who provide personal support to residents of a particular area. You likely have been in contact with your Area Lead, but message us if you have not. ENPrep and its AMFRS partners are committed to providing one-stop contact for information on safety and preparedness issues our community faces. Questions? Message us and we would be happy to connect you with your Area Lead or answer any questions.

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