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OPEN BURNING SEASON IS IN EFFECT UNTIL APRIL 15, 2022 (RDOS Bylaw No. 2898, 2020)On average 40% of wildfires in British Columbia are caused by humans and are PREVENTABLE. Causes such as open burning, the use of engines or vehicles, dropping burning substances like cigarettes, or any number of other human-related activities that can create a spark or a heat source sufficient to ignite a wildfire.

BEFORE YOU BURN, HERE IS WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW:πŸ”₯Complete a RDOS Burn Authorization application. πŸ‘‰πŸ”₯There is no fee, and no permits will be issued. πŸ”₯Your request will be directed to the Fire Chief, and from that point, you will be dealing directly with the local fire department. πŸ”₯Confirm burning is allowed on that day πŸ‘‰Check AIR QUALITY & VENTING INDEX online (above link) OR by calling 250-490-4125.πŸ”₯Only burn permitted materials. πŸ”₯Follow safe burning practices: πŸ‘‰Not burning when unsafe to do so (windy or location of burn) πŸ‘‰The burn has an adequate fuel break πŸ‘‰You are always monitoring the burn, and πŸ‘‰The fire is completely out and cold when you are finished. πŸ’¦ALWAYS make sure a water supply is available near the burn site.

🚫NO CATEGORY 3 FIRES are allowed at this time on Anarchist Mountain, as per the Fire Chief.(Definitions of categories:…/wil…/fire-bans-and-restrictions )THE FIRE CHIEF MAY SUSPEND BURNING AT ANY TIME should it be deemed unsafe, or smoke is creating an issue. Please be mindful of smoke affecting your neighbours. Failing to adhere to fire bans and restrictions can lead to serious fines and penalties.

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