WASP roof sprinkler systems and FireSmart assessments

WASP roof sprinkler systems and FireSmart assessments

Our community dodged the bullet with the Nk’Mip wildfire and there is a lot of interest in purchasing WASP roof sprinkler kits.  Our FireSmart Committee was asked to organize a bulk purchase on behalf of residents who want to be ready for the next wildfire. 

Our committee just met and after some discussion we’ve decided this does not mesh with FireSmart practices. The FireSmart Committee is responsible to educate and encourage residents to follow FireSmart practices and the FireSmart program does not consider sprinkler systems for home protection. FireSmart focuses solely on fuel reduction and other preventative measures therefore we don’t want to be perceived as promoting a sprinkler system as a primary FireSmart solution.

That said we are in agreement; that in addition to following FireSmart practices; a well designed wildfire sprinkler systems can be a effective secondary solution. A sprinkler system will increase the chances of your home surviving a wildfire but homeowners need to be aware of upsides and downsides some of which are:

1) For this fire the SPU Fire Fighters had sufficient time to assess the home and setup a sprinkler system to suit the dangers from this fire. The next fire might be fast moving and a homeowner with an operating WASP system may make all the difference.

2) A well designed system needs a sufficient, long lasting water supply but homes with limited water supplies may be able to setup a simple system that may buy time in a fast moving fire.

3) There may be a need for a backup power supply as power will be cut when the fire enters the community but soaking down your home and property until the power is cut may make a difference.

For anyone interested in a FireSmart assessment please contact one of the Anarchist Mountain LFR’s (Local FireSmart Representative) who will schedule a full FireSmart assessment of your home and property. There is no cost for these assessments and if you have had a previous assessment; but would like to have another; we will be happy to oblige as a second assessment documents the improvements made since a previous assessment.

After completing the FireSmart assessment we can discuss the possibilities and limitations of a sprinkler system and make suggestions about which sprinklers to use to make the most of your available water supply.

For those who want to purchase a WASP sprinkler system the AM Community Society will be organizing a bulk purchase and will be posting information shortly. The FireSmart Committee will be available to offer suggestions on how to make your system most effective.

Alex Giovannelli agiovannelli@amfd.org 250-809-2319

Gerry Moran gerry_moran@telus.net 780-405-7360

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