Credit Due to Anarchist Mountain Fire Department – Thank You

During the last crazy couple of weeks, from the first day of evacuation order and alerts, people have been starved for information on what was happening, where and how with the wildfires.

Anarchist Mountain Community Society (AMCS) wants to thank and acknowledge the work of Brenda Arychuk and her constant updating of the Anarchist Mountain Fire Department Facebook Page (amongst all her other duties). This included all the updates of the crew and mutual aides brought in and the photos taken along the way.

For those people not “on” Facebook, our AMCS website webmaster has been copying, reformatting and pasting all Brenda’s work onto our AMCS website to help keep everyone informed. This was a collaboration between us to try and address everyone’s safety and concerns.

We know it was a leap of faith to leave your homes and let others manage a threat to your property and community. We Anarchists did it!!

Through this all, we build community and help keep each other safe.

Thank you Brenda,

From AMCS Directors (especially the webmaster)

May be an image of Brenda Arychuk
Brenda Arychuk – Thank you!

Peter Humphrey

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2 Responses to Credit Due to Anarchist Mountain Fire Department – Thank You

  1. Jeanice Zinner says:

    Yes, we appreciate the updates and communication during this wildfire. A huge thank you to all who were involved with AMFD to keep us safe!!

  2. Linda Tumchewics says:

    Thank you to everyone at AMFD and a special thanks to Brenda for keeping us updated!

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