Message from AMFD Fire Chief Grob:

Message from Chief Grob:

We understand the desire for more information. AMFD has been providing updates on activities and news as we get them. Patrol and mop up may not be something people want to hear repeatedly, but it is very time consuming for fire crews and is what helps keep this fire away from our Anarchist Mountain Fire Protection District and your homes.

Hot spots and smoldering areas need to be continually monitored and put out, as these are the areas that can come back with a vengeance if left unchecked.

Fires, such as this one, can continue to smolder in the ground and in trees for many months afterwards. So, the more we mop up, the better. Heavy equipment is still working in the area.

BC Wildfire Service are the experts on the risks and recommendations for the fire, including advising the regional districts on evacuation alerts and orders, which AMFD must follow.

Crews have flown over the fire many times and continue to have boots on the ground, constantly checking areas that are close our District, to structures and neighbourhoods.

Online maps and imagery only give a brief picture in time. Other factors that consider risk are ground fuels, wind, and weather, just to name a few.

It is the “ember storm” that is of major concern during a wildfire. Fire burning kilometers away, can have embers that spread by strong winds and create many new spot fires ahead of the main fire front. This is still a major concern for us, should the weather conditions change to support this type of fire behaviour.

Another weather change is in the forecast for today and this week, that may bring wind gusts and potential lightening.

AMFD has been asked if it is safe to return home yet, despite the Evacuation Orders. While we hope for these orders to soon change to Alerts, it is still imperative for us all to follow the direction given by the Regional District.

It not the time to take this fire lightly. Our priority is to continue to fight it; however, we cannot do that properly if we must use AMFD resources to search out and organize an evacuation of residents who should not be home.

There have been times when residents are in areas that are on Order, and we have almost been hit by their vehicles as they drive around. Our crew can be in an area working and not know a vehicle is coming around the corner.

We appreciate the residents who have assisted us by following the Evacuation Orders set out by the Regional District and ask for you continued patience as we get through this wildfire.

Your comments and words of support have touched us. Let’s get through to the finish line together, safely.

Thank you.

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