We Are All Waiting….. August 2, 2021

From Anarchist Mountain Fire Department:

This morning’s BC Wildfire Service update for the Nk’Mip Creek Fire is still classified as Out of Control. The fire received 1-2 mm of scattered precipitation yesterday. While that has provided a slight reprieve in fire behaviour, conditions are forecast to return to being warm and dry over the next two days.

The fire and surrounding areas remain under thick smoke conditions. Winds today are forecast to be 10-15 km/hr from the west and northwest, with afternoon gusts of 25-35 km/hr in the afternoon which will increase the drying out of forest fuels from yesterday’s precipitation. Crews on the south flank of the fire are continuing structure protection near the Anarchist Mountain community. Patrols and mop up continue on the fire’s southern perimeter.

AMFD understands how difficult this has been for those that continue to be under Evacuation Order. Once more information from RDOS EOC and BC Wildfire Service, it will be shared. We thank those residents that have patiently followed the Orders, which makes the jobs of firefighters safer and easier. Winds and weather changes can affect fire behaviour very quickly. Many factors go into the decision for residents to be evacuated.

The goal has, and always will be, to keep everyone safe.

Peter Humphrey

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