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No changes to where we are at with the fire since yesterday. Things have remained relatively calm, but we never know when a wind can change things. So, for now, we take it day by day and will keep you posted as to when it is safe to return home. We have new resources today from Mexico!

To our Mexican crew: ¡bienvenido! Estamos muy contentos de que estés aquí! Muchas gracias.

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Anarchist Mountain Fire Department

Evacuation ORDERS are still in place for RDOS Area A – both sides of highway. Barricades are in place on all areas under evacuation order. Patrols by RCMP and Penticton Security continue. Our firefighters are also making the rounds, checking neighbourhoods, so your property has watchful eyes on it (even Kaya the Search Dog is “sniffing things out”) Please go to the RDOS or RDKB EOC websites for current updates on alert status. Better yet, sign up for notifications. You can choose your notification preference – sign up for CivicReady on RDOS and Voyent Alert on RDKB.

💥Remember: if you are back on your property during an evacuation order, our members need to check in on you. This takes them away from other more important tasks. We know this is hard, but PLEASE stay away until the order is rescinded.

Today we want to send many thanks to Tom, a Structure Protection Specialist with BC Wildfire Service. With 45 years in the fire service, and 35 years as the Structure Protection Branch Director, we feel very lucky to have had him here, helping us navigate the protection of our homes and dealing with the Nk’Mip Fire on Anarchist Mountain.

Tom was also at the Lytton fire, so he hasn’t had much of a rest! When you see those photos where a fire has gone through, but buildings are standing – that is structure protection. Structure Protection crews do the triaging of homes and the preventative work to make sure homes have what they need to be as protected as possible. The crews that have been helping us here have worked long, hard days, and just keep going.

When asked about how our community ranks for fire protection, Tom said that Anarchist Mountain is one of the better communities he has seen. He encourages residents to continue on with FireSmart and educate ourselves on how we can do the most to protect our homes.


💥Tom wanted to thank AMFD for being great hosts and having such a great working relationship that was “seamless”. It was Tom’s last day on the mountain, and he was such a pleasure to work with.

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