FireSmart Message to Anarchist Mountain Community

With the recent extreme heat conditions that have hit early this year, vegetation is quickly drying out, the conditions are ripe for wildfires,  and this year may well prove challenging.  Lytton, BC, which recently recorded some of the hottest days on record in Canada, had little to no warning when a wildfire displaced about 1,000 people and took out 80% of the town.  The same can happen here.  What can you do?  Be prepared and stay vigilant.  Have a checklist and kit of what to take in the event you have little time to react.  Fire Smart your property.  Start with the first 1.5 m from your house which should have NO combustible materials.  Then concentrate on the next 10 m from your home, and finally address issues 30+ m from your home.  Keep grasses short, rake up debris, delimb trees 2 m from the ground, thin out highly combustible vegetation.  Remember a property that is Fire Smarted stands a much higher chance of surviving a wildfire than one that is not.  Campfires are presently banned, please respect this order and do not burn.  Be mindful of operating any equipment that generates heat or sparks outdoors that could result in an ignition.  Be vigilant and call 911 if you see or smell signs of smoke.  Refer to the link below published by the government of BC for things you can do, contact a local Fire Smart representative for more information.  Stay safe.

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If a wildfire threatens your home, you may need to leave quickly. Take time now to build grab-and-go bags for each family member. This list will get you started:

Food and water

Phone charger and battery bank

Small battery-powered or hand-crank radio

Battery-powered or hand-crank flashlight

Small first-aid kit and personal medications

Personal toiletries and items, such as an extra pair of glasses or contact lenses

Copy of your emergency plan, copies of important documents, such as insurance papers

Seasonal clothing and an emergency blanket

Get the full recommended list at Once you’ve got the basics, customize each person’s bag to meet their needs, such as medications and comfort items.

Don’t forget your pets when preparing for a potential wildfire. Start by adding their name, breed, vaccination history and photo to your emergency plan. Make sure your furry family members have a grab-and-go bag too! If you have to evacuate, they’ll need:

Food, water and treats

Leash, harness and carrier


Comfort items, like a special toy

Read the PreparedBC pet guide to learn more:

A message from your Anarchist Mountain Fire Smart Committee