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Unpacking the Guide – Naturalized Landscape & Backyard Beekeeping

Subject: Unpacking The Guide: Webinar #12. Naturalized Landscaping and Backyard Beekeeping

Join us on Wed. June 9th, 2021 – Noon to 1pm for the final webinar episode in our popular series Unpacking the Guide – Building Climate Resilience in the Okanagan: A Homeowner’s Guide.BuildingClimateResilience.pdf (

Naturalized Landscapes and Backyard Beekeeping

Join our experts to learn about what actions can we all take on our properties to live in harmony with the land, water and pollinators.

·      Beauty and Biodiversity: Designing Naturalized Landscapes in the Okanagan – Stephanie Aitken and Christopher Szymberski, Seed and Sparrow Design

·      Backyar d Beekeeping – Janelle Dunn, Okanagan Wildbrush Honey

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