RESULTS of 27 March 2021 Emergency Notification Systems Test

On Apr 12, 2021, at 7:45 PM from Wendy Barlow:

Thank you to all Leads for ensuring up to date information in both systems, Automated and Phone Trees!

The test for this year of both systems has been successful!!
I regret the delay in sending the final results as some areas required time to gather their info following the test.  Yet, results have been tallied and we are off to a great start for the summer season with some corrections and updates taking place.

Now for the results:

Automated SystemResults: compared to previous tests:27 March 2021: 61% live answers; 30% voice mail and 9% no answer28 March 2020: 59% live answers; 32% voice mail and 9% no answer
30 March 2019: 47.1% live answers; 42.2% voice mail and 10.5% no answer14 April 2018: 50.9% live answers; 39.6% voice mail and 9.3% no answer
22 April 2017:  50% live answers; 41.3% voice mail and 7.7% no answer30 April 2016:  47.7% live answers; 43% voice mail and 8.5% no answer
11 April 2015:  48.5% live answers; 43% voice mail and 8.2% no answer20 Sept 2014:  43% live answers; 48% voice mail and 9% no answer
Please remember the automated system is a phone based system and emails are secondary.  We are finding that emails are not always going through and can only assume it is due to Spam blocks.  We have done everything possible to eliminate Spam blocks at our end but it is the user end too that sometimes has to be adjusted.  Unfortunately the carrier issues are beyond our control. 
We are seeing that the automated system is a great start for notification as it does contact the majority of people, either live or voice mail – 91% 

Phone Tree Results:
All areas reported that people notified the next people on the phone tree, either below them or below the person who was away, with the end result of all phone trees being completed. We do not have formal feedback reports, as with the automated system, yet below is the informal percentages notified, compared to previous tests.  It is interesting to note that a number of areas have many new residents and Leads have been busy explaining the systems and bringing them on line, with a Very good result!

2021 between 83% (1 area) remaining 89% to 100%(100% for 4 areas!!)2020 100%2019 between 85% (1 area) remaining 89% to 100% (100 % for 2 areas!!)2018 between 90% to 100%
2017 between 90% to 100% 2016 between 50% to 100%2015 was between 76.5% to 100% 2014 between 45% to 100%. 

Please pass onto the team below any further changes or additions as soon as it comes to your attention so we can keep as current as possible as we go into summer.

Thank you all for your incredible efforts!!
Anarchist Mountain FD ENCom team
Wendy, Sue, Carolyne and Richard

Peter Humphrey

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