Hello Neighbours

Many of you are now happy owners of a brand new bear-resistant cart. Thank you once again for supporting this initiative and helping to protect our mountain’s wildlife.
Because the carts’ secure clips need to be unfastened the morning of pick-up, some people asked if that defeated the purpose of having secure carts. WildSafe BC answers with a resounding NO. Bears are most active in the evening and overnight. If the cart is unclipped the morning of pick-up, the exposure to bears is minimized substantially. In communities across BC and other areas, this has proven to be the case. Locking carts most definitely help reduce the occurrence of bears breaking into garbage, and thus help reduce human/ bear encounters, and prevent the demise of nuisance bears. Bears are extremely smart. Once they’ve tried to access a locking cart and find they don’t succeed, they avoid such carts in the future. 

In speaking with many of you over the past weeks we’ve learned that a vast majority of our residents already bring their garbage to the street the morning of pick up. This is FANTASTIC NEWS. Some of you have been doing this for a while, and some of you have changed your routines due to increased bear activity. We are extremely happy to hear this. The greater the percentage of our residents that follow best practices in terms of wildlife safety, the better our community lives in harmony with bears and other animals.

Once again, we are here to listen to your feedback and ideas, and to help with any questions or concerns. Contact us at bearaware@amcsbc.ca or via our Facebook Page, Anarchist Mountain Bear Group.

Peter Humphrey

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