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Our Facebook link is: .  If you haven’t already, please check out our page, like us on Facebook and feel free to share with your friends. Here you’ll regularly find helpful tips as well as bear news from the mountain and around BC. You can also share bear sightings or other informative posts so we have a “go-to” space for everything bear-related on the mountain.

We would like to thank Urs Grob and the Anarchist Mountain Fire Department for allowing us to use the Fire Hall parking lot to stage a COVID-safe pick-up for the first shipment of bear-resistant carts. A total of 72 carts were purchased (40 by Anarchist Mountain residents and 32 by Electoral Area F residents who wanted to join us in this group purchase). Thank you to Zoe Kirk, Public Works Manager in charge of WildSafe BC for RDOS for her assitance in making this happen. Bringing the two communities together allowed us to obtain a very favourable price on the carts. There are a few carts yet to be delivered. We will be in touch soon with residents who have yet to receive theirs, regarding pick-up instructions. Each cart helps to protect humans, pets, property and bears. Thanks to all who participated.

If you’re interested in purchasing a bear-resistant cart but did not get in on the deal this time, please let us know. We have started a list in hopes of placing another order next Spring. Leave a message on our Facebook page, or email us at

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