Pink Zone (ESDP) Update

Hello Director Mark Pendergraft,

I understand your motion:      

“a. Director’s Motion – Director Pendergraft
THAT the RDOS Board apply environmentally sensitive development permits (ESDPs) throughout the Regional District of Okanagan-Similkameen to only Subdivisions and rezonings; and further,
THAT Staff report back to the Board on the options to make ESDPs more effective throughout the Regional District of Okanagan-Similkameen at Subdivisions and rezonings; and further,
THAT ESDPs should in no way prevent or discourage residents of the Regional District of Okanagan-Similkameen from firesmarting their properties according to the firesmart principles.”

passed with unanimous support in favour by the RDOS Board of Directors. Thank you for all the time and energy you have put into representing us in Area “A.”

As president of the AMCS, I have been receiving a lot of emails and concerns from people who have tried communicating with RDOS staff concerning building on their properties up here since this motion was voted on.  My husband and I visited the RDOS office last week asking about a permit to build a shop on our property and I learned from the staff that it takes 4-6 months before bylaw changes go through. RDOS is still requiring the ESDP (environmentally sensitive development permit) be done before a building permit can be applied for.  We mentioned we had heard the ESDP was being moved off private property and I got the impression that they were not aware of this motion.

Monday we attended the OCP Open House at the Sonora Centre. Chris Garrish did not seem aware of your motion, so I read it aloud and he stated it was probably a “Notice of Motion” and he listed all the steps it would still have to go through.
I have obtained over 160 signatures from Anarchist Mountain residents (not just members of AMCS) who do not agree with the pink zone restrictions imposed by the RDOS. If these signatures would help you in any way pushing this motion through, I can send them to you either digitally or bring you the hardcopies.  

The wildfire risk is the most important concern for private property owners in our area so the conflicts arising between the “pink zone” requirements and FireSmarting need to be resolved immediately as is proven by the Christie Mountain Fire.  Does the RDOS want to be responsible for the cost of devastation caused by a wildfire

Jamie V Wright
President, AMCS

Peter Humphrey

About AMCS

Building community involvement in the preservation and enjoyment of Anarchist Mountain's natural and cultural environment
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