AMCS Website Registration and Login

To enhance the security of the AMCS website, the registration and login process has been upgraded to use the latest features to limit the possibility of fake accounts, and the use of bots to create accounts on the website. Now when you try to log into your account to purchase tickets for any of our events, you will be required to authenticate your information using Google ReCaptcha. Also, anyone trying to create a new account will be required to include their name, country and phone number, and this information will be verified by the website administrator before the account will be authorized. We would also ask anyone with an account to update their personal information to include their full name and country . Any account that does not include this information will be deleted. You will have until the end of September 2020 to update this information.

You will now find “Register” and “User Profile” tabs at the top of the webpage, and a “Login” area on the right side of the page

If you have any questions, please contact the website administrator at

Stan Teichroew

About AMCS

Building community involvement in the preservation and enjoyment of Anarchist Mountain's natural and cultural environment
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