OCP Letter Writing Campaign

Peter Humphrey

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Building community involvement in the preservation and enjoyment of Anarchist Mountain's natural and cultural environment
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  1. John Dubrule says:

    My wife and I own 125 mule deer drive , purchased in 2008 for our dream retirement home. Since that time changes were made that at the time would have scared us off. For one was the builder owner course and exam. ( I have built houses for a living since 1995 but I guess I need to take a test). Last year I was made aware of the pink zone on our property. (The entire property.) Now in fairness when I enquired about not having a building site, they agreed to an area thanks to a plot plan Grant Montgomery Included in our plans. I kept a copy of the email so hopefully they will honour it come permit time. My point , as someone who has built many homes in Alberta I find the thought of building in BC a bit overwhelming. I think for someone who hasn’t it has to be very intimidating. But our plan is for next summer providing I can pass the builder owner exam lol.
    If another requirement to build on my own property is added I’m tapping out.

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