Garbage/Recycling Pickup Issue

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Today was the first day on Anarchist Mountain of picking up the recyclables in bins.

And it was a mess…. not from wildlife, but from the garbage-pickup-man.

I went down our driveway as soon as the truck went by and he had picked up the garbage and had emptied the bins.

The bin with the attached lid had the lid half way detached; the bin with the loose lid was just thrown, both pieces, to the edge of the road.

Yes, they were emptied, but without care for somebody else’s property (our bins), nor the environment. Any wind can move these bins and lids all over, on the road, in the ditch.

I am disappointed and upset.

Could you, the RDOS, or you, Waste Connection, tell those men how to empty the bins and put them back on the road’s edge in a respectable way? Carefully, with some pride in their job?

Do not let lousy, careless work become the normal!

I hope we can work together on this issue: we as property owners put garbage and recycling neatly at the curb and you, the Waste Connection employees, respect our properties and our bins.

Yours respectfully,

Claudia Punter

Peter Humphrey

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