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You’ve likely noticed more bear activity in your mountain neighbourhoods this year. There are several reasons for this, but the most important one is easy access to garbage. This is also one of the easiest things we have control over, and can change.

A few residents got together recently to talk about ways to protect the bears and keep our community safe from human-bear conflicts. We all want to live peacefully in our wilderness, and prevent bears from being destroyed. When we live harmoniously with bears (and other wildlife), we also protect ourselves and our pets from encounters, and protect our properties from damage.

The single most important way to do this is to control the bears’ access to garbage. Bears can smell garbage from very far away, and once they find garbage, they will return. Mother bears teach their cubs bad habits. They all get used to the smell of humans (which now means yummy garbage), and therefore lose their formerly natural and healthy fear of people. The chance of encounters increases, and with that the chances of people being hurt and bears being destroyed.

All residents recently received a letter from the RDOS, reminding them of the guidelines for garbage and recycling curbside collection. The enclosures with the letter include some interesting and informative tips from WildSafe BC, and answer many questions regarding bears (and other wildlife), and how to responsibly enjoy things like bird-feeders, composts and more. Please read the brochures, and if you would like to learn more, check out the following link:

BY FAR THE EASIEST AND MOST EFFECTIVE THING TO DO IS TO FOLLOW THE GARBAGE/ RECYCLING PICK-UP DIRECTIONS FOR AREAS WHERE BEARS ARE ACTIVE, AND PUT YOUR GARBAGE AND RECYCLING OUT THE MORNING OF COLLECTION, NOT BEFORE 5:00 AM.  Note that bears are breaking into recycling containers as well, even though the recyclables are clean.  Please be responsible, and do not place your garbage or recycling on the street the night before collection, unless you use an approved wildlife-resistant container. Please store your garbage and recycling securely, inside a garage or other locked enclosure.

Anarchist Mountain Bear Aware is an independent group that is now in motion to help educate the community and answer questions.

Email any suggestions, feedback, pro-active ideas to and also, please let us know if you’d like to help our small team.

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  1. Jamie Wright says:

    Great letter! So important for us to pay attention to our actions and their consequences especially when it comes to our wildlife.

  2. Jamie Wright says:

    Great job! Let’s all be safe out there!

  3. Jamie Wright says:

    Thank you for taking the initiative on this. Our community needs this education every year as a reminder that we are living on a mountain, sharing our land with wildlife of all kinds.

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