There is a mama black bear and her 3 cubs roaming about, so far on Blacktail, Mule Deer and Peregrine.  We have been posting on Facebook, to remind residents about remaining bear safe – keeping garbage in a secure (bear-safe) container or shed and preferably don’t put garbage out the night before.  Also, don’t use bird feeders/ hummingbird feeders, keep grills clean and practice bear-safe composting.  If walking, carry bear spray and keep dogs on leash.  If you disturb a mama bear and her cubs, it may charge.  We really want to keep bears and people safe with positive interactions. Here is the link to Wildsafe BC on bears:

You can learn more about other animal species that we share the land with here: – which include printable PDF’s

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  1. Holly Paisley says:

    She was in our yard on Bullmoose also

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