Wapiti Pit Update






There have been lots of inquiries into the status of the Wapiti Pit and if we plan on opening it early this year. With the open burning ban and the majority of people home FIreSmarting their properties we understand the need to get the pit open as soon as possible. We are hoping to have the pit open by the beginning of May, weather dependent. As you can see in the following pictures, sections of the access road are still snow covered. With the warm weather we have had the past week and the strong winds, the snow should be gone in a few more days, so we will advise everyone when we decide to open Wapiti Pit.  Also, check the website regularly for updates, in case you do not receive the Newsletters we send out.


In the meantime, please keep brush piles small and away from your home and outbuildings as we are in wildfire season. Any questions can be address to anarchistmountainfiresmart@gmail.comWapti Pit (1)Wapti Pit (2)
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