Suspicious Vehicle

Theft Warning!

Early this morning (Jan 21 3:01 am) a house (address not provided) was robbed and the crooks were caught on Camera. They drive up, don’t hesitate at all to enter the house and steal two construction heaters and a ladder before leaving.

Silver Kia Sportage. Police have the license plate and know these people.

Silver Kia Sportage or white Pontiac Grand Am with Alberta plate, living in Bridesville. stealing in Osoyoos. “stashing” in Mt Baldy. please keep an eye open, report to RCMP immediately.

We need to stop this!

Peter Humphrey

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3 Responses to Suspicious Vehicle

  1. George Delisle says:

    It is time the federal government brings in a bill of rights for home owners and cancel some of the rights of thieves. We are turning into a lawless country with the drug world ruling the roost. It needs to stop or give vigilanty rights to law abiding people to do what ever is required to rid the world of these type of people. Stop claiming it is a sickness and have severe penalties for thieves.
    Cheers George Delisle

  2. Curt Chilcott says:

    Sorry to hear this is happening again. Where exactly did this happen. I hope your belongings are returned and these losers get what they deserve.

  3. Chris Despins says:

    What area (road) on the mountain did this happen?

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